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Three Cockteasing Tips

Three Cockteasing Tips

I simply love cockteasing, and am so happy to be guestposting on the sexy Ms. Meredith’s blog about my process!

Never Tell Them You’re Going To Tease Them

DeliaRedFrameI never tell my submissive and slaves that I’m going to tease them…I just do it!  I start stroking their rock hard, leaking cocks, or guiding their masturbation.  They usually get what my goal for the plays session is after the first few edges! Now, this isn’t to say that after those first few edges, after it finally dawns on them that I control their cock and I’ll be controlling their orgasm that I won’t lean close in, and whisper in their ear that I intend to tease them until they cry – I’m just saying I don’t announce it at the start!

Never Tell Them They’re Going To Be Denied

As much as I just start teasing them without announcing it, I don’t usually say “I’m not going to let you come”. I think it’s so much crueler to leave them with some hope, to say  “Maybe this time…” Even if they’re a chastity pet, and they really have no chance of being allowed an orgasm, you have to keep them hoping!  I find the more a man thinks that THIS TIME he gets to come the better!  It’s so much more delicious when he thinks he’s going to get off and then suddenly, stimulation stops and he’s left hanging on…or worse yet, his cum just dribbles out in a ruined orgasm!

Humiliate Them Early….And Often!

When I’m cockteasing, and I want my slut to do something humiliating, I make sure I tell  him to do it early – before I’ve teased him to more than an edge or two.   You see, since he’s not really desperate yet, in most cases,  he’ll refuse. Then it becomes a challenge to get him to change his mind – which he will.   I mean, seriously, do you think I can’t get you to do whatever I want you to do?   It’s so much fun to be challenged like that, then take it to the next level. If I want him to suck cock and he refuses at first – and men always refuse! – then I just keep teasing him.  After an hour or so of edge after edge, when those edges are just coming one on top of another, he says he’ll suck cock for me!   I’ll edge him a few more times until he’s literally begging me to let him do it. I might tell him that his begging isn’t sincere enough and just…keep…teasing….him!  Then I might let him do it – and even though he did a good job…STILL keep him denied!

Boot Worship: Lay Offa My Blue Suede Boots!

boot worshipGreetings to all Miss Meredith fans!  My name is Miss Rachel, and Miss Meredith invited Me to post about a funny little slice of My Femdom life, in which I learned that not all boots are made for boot worship!

Two things Miss Meredith and I have in common are 1.)  a love of quality, sexy footwear, and 2.)  plenty of boy-toys who love to worship our feet!  The sexier the pair, whether boots or bare, the hornier these boys seem to get!

I favor boot worship slightly more than a tongue bath on my delicate skin.  There’s something about having a boy suck My six inch heels like a cock that makes Me all warm and fuzzy inside. But some boots are better for play than others.

I have a gorgeous pair of blue suede boots.  They look an awful lot like the ones pictured, except that mine haveboot worship a spikier heel of polished titanium.  I wore them recently, and nothing else, as a birthday gift for one of the submissives My boyfriend Adam and I share. They’re Autumn apparel, but this boot slave is addicted to them, and I am benevolent.  We keep him in chastity, and he begged to be allowed to straddle My boot-clad foot as I sat in a chair with My legs crossed, rubbing his swollen balls against the instep while he watched Me give Adam head.

Just imagine how soft and stimulating that fine suede must have felt on his purple nut sack!  I don’t blame him for being in love with them.  But the close-up look at action he longed for desperately, on a cock he’s as addicted to as the boots, sent this humiliation slave over the edge.  He leaked all over them!

And before anyone says “Mistress Rachel, an experienced Domme like you should have known better”, let Me say that I told him to keep one hand cupped over the end of the cage to prevent just such a tragedy, as well as to keep a hand towel nearby to wipe off on if things got copious.  He simply lost himself in grinding and voyeurism, that’s all.

Part of his punishment was to take them in to be professionally cleaned.  I knew they’d ask what the substance was in order to treat them properly, and that he would have to tell them.  Later on, cock twitching in its cage and face red with both arousal and shame, he described the scornful look the pretty female clerk barely hid as she snapped on a pair of latex gloves before accepting them.  I never thought I’d have to make a boot worship slave wear a condom over his cage, but I now realize that with this pair, I will!  That is, if I ever give him a chance to worship My blue suede boots again!

Thank you for having Me, Miss Meredith, and I hope both you and your readers enjoyed the giggle!

Ms. Melanie dominates you

Ms. Melanie dominates you

Ms. Melanie dominates you

Hello, naughties! I’m so happy Miss Meredith has offered me the opportunity to post to you on her beautiful blog. Thank you, Miss Meredith!

If we have already spoken, you know what I’m about. You’ve heard my audios and read my blog posts over at my own blog, and perhaps I’ve tormented you a bit.

If we have not spoken yet, here’s a little information so you can get to know me better. There are many wonderful women here at Enchantrix Empire. Many you can speak with about whatever you like. With me, it’s a little different. I’m a very dominant Mistress … sweet, sure. Fun, definitely. But also inherently dominant.

I have been dominant all my life, and realized in college my power over men. Well, men and sissies, that is. I started dressing my college boyfriend in my skirts and fishnet stockings. He wasn’t a sissy before, I don’t think. But after a few weekends of experiencing New York City clubs as a woman … well, suffice to say she was never the same. I did take pictures, too …

Since then I’ve had a few more guys around. Relationships start out normally enough, but then I just take over. It just happens. Formerly dominant men submit to me, even as they remain dominant in their daily lives. Such is the case with my longtime partner now, Justin, who some of you may know.

It also happens with my wonderful phone sex callers. You may call wanting this, or you may not even see it happening. The latter is more likely. I tease and humiliate you, gently at first. And then deeper, and deeper.

I do hope you’ll come visit my blog and poke around a bit. But before yo do, go to Miss Meredith’s wish list and get her a treat as a thank you for hosting me here!


Stroke for Me, My pet

I thought it might be fun to offer you a little stroking assignment today. You can give it a try and then share the results with Ms. Meredith or Myself… or you can even call one or both of us and we can guide you through this stroking fun…

Stroke For Me…Without Cumming?

Stroke For Me - Ms. Christine

Are you ready to stroke for me?

Oh, come on pet, I know you can stroke that hard, horny cock, we all know that.  But the question is, can you stroke for me without cumming?  Can you stroke without edging?  And how long could you do that?  How long before that first edge hits?  I’m not saying you’d beg to cum.  You know better than that…this soon.  You know we Mistresses want to tease that cock for a long, long time before we let you cum. 

How Well Do you Know Your Cock?

It is attached to you, but you know that I control your cock, and I own it.  Do I know your cock better than you?  Well, let’s find out, shall we?  I think we should play a little game.  I’m going to give you some very vague guided masturbation instructions.  They’re going to determine who knows your cock better.  You, of your MILF Cocktease Mistress.

Here Are Your “Stroke For Me”Instructions

You are to stroke your dick for the next 5 minutes.  Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?  You can use lube, not use lube, stroke however you like, at whatever speed you like.  You get to choose.  There are only two rules.  First, you must not, under any circumstances, edge.  The second rule is that once you pick a way to stroke and a speed, you cannot change it for the entire five minutes.  I recommend you get a metronome so you can time your stroking, because, if you want any chance to cum, it’s going to be very important that you follow those 2 rules.  Now, you could pick out a really slow stroking speed – say 10 strokes a minute, or you can go as fast as you want.  The main thing is, you can’t edge.  Now, once you’ve done those 5 minutes, I’m sure you’ll be wondering… after this, do I get to cum?

LOL… not so fast silly stroker. I think it’s time to call your Mistress for some teasing, some edging, and of course, some begging… and then, maybe, just maybe… you’ll get to cum. We’ll see…

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Can you hear me now?

can you hear me

can you hear me




Hello my pets! How are you? Have been enjoying your sexy selves? I know I have.

I have had some amazing, intense sessions, as always. Thank-you for that. I know you can find satisfaction at many places, but you choose to come here. Sometimes you even get to cum! you know I love doing what I do. Every call is different, just like every caller is unique. It’s never boring, that is fo sure! I just wanted you to know I am hear, listening, participating and always wanting to make our sessions sexy! With that said, I know many of you have commented on my message while you wait to be connected. I am glad you are enjoying it. Do I need to ask…Can you hear me now? he he

Yes, you can hear me now!

I am not sure if you have visited our audio store lately, but you might want to make sure you do. I have a few audios out there, and am working on some new ones for you. but what is really exciting is this…



That’s right, 50% off all audios! July is almost over, so go check it out and see if you find something to help make your day easier and your night harder.

Phone sex is a very exciting way to get off.

But you knew that, being the phone sex caller connoisseur that you are! To have  that incredibly sex voice in your ear as you make your way to bliss is the way to go!

One of my favorite kind of sessions is masturbation phone sex. Guiding you, hearing you stroke your cock, it’s all very hot to me! A sensual time together as I bring you to the edge and over. Bliss!


The benefits of having a long term phone sex Mistress  are as numerous as your strokes. I have many long time callers, and we have gotten past the stage of what is your kink, to getting right to the meat of the all, but with our own special brand of foreplay.

But if you really need to have your Mistress fix, now is the perfect time to check out the audio store. If you would like something special, just for you, let me know and we can do a custom audio. The you can always hear me now!

Can you hear me now?

Can you hear me now?

Hot sex phone sex!

Hot sex phone sex!

Hello my pets! We are having a heat wave and I am telling you, I am loving it! It didn’t bother me a bit when I walked outside and at 9 ‘o’clock at night it was as if I had entered the tropics! I love it! And because I . . . → Read More: Hot sex phone sex!

Are you a lumbersexual?

are you a lumbersexual?

“A lumbersexual or urban lumberjack is a physically fit man who has adopted style traits typical of a traditional lumberjack, namely a beard, plaid shirt, and scruffy hair, supplementing otherwise clean-cut and fashionable style choices. Denver Nicks described the trend as perhaps an attempt to “reclaim masculinity”.” So are . . . → Read More: Are you a lumbersexual?

Who ya gonna call? BALLBUSTERS!

who ya gonna call? Ballbusters!

Yes, my pets, it’s one of THOSE kind of blog posts. But you know me, I am sensual even when I have your balls in my grasp. I was just tweeting the other day that I wanted to see “Ghostbusters” and not to judge me. Then I explained . . . → Read More: Who ya gonna call? BALLBUSTERS!


You know you love your Cockteasing Mistress… and Ms Meredith is certainly a sexy tease! So this post can apply to her, or myself, or any Mistress for that matter…

Your Cockteasing Mistress 

Cockteasing is my favorite game!

I really love cockteasing a cock controlled stroking addict. Having him get . . . → Read More: Cockteasing

Naughty Hottie Body

naughty hottie body

I was driving today topless (my convertible, silly) when the song came on that just gets me every time. It goes so well with my last blog, I felt I had to drag it out just a little longer. I love making things longer.  Yeah, not just a naughty hottie . . . → Read More: Naughty Hottie Body