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Cockteasing by Ms. Delia

Ms. Delia’s Been A Cocktease For A While

I have to admit, it took me a while to understand why guys like being cockteased. You see, even when I was younger and in college, I knew that I could control men and get them to do whatever I wanted – by controlling their cocks! All of those assignations usually ended with him cumming. Of course, I was so good at it, they’d be back for more – willing to do my research papers, my lab work, chauffeur me around town – all for some attention to their needy cocks. But then, I realized I didn’t even have to allow them to orgasm. I could just cocktease them! And as I got older, my love of cockteasing got stronger! So I wonder…

Black5 - CopyCockteasing is Simple

When it hit me, I was able to figure out why men needed to be cockteased, what their biggest turn offs were, so I could avoid doing them, and keep that adoration and free slave labor flowing! And finally! I knew what really turned them on and turned them off. What turned them on? Everything as long as they were already horny! It could be something as simple as straightening my skirt or crossing my legs. Or as involved as tying them up, sitting Indian style in between their spread legs and slowly, softly…teasingly…stroking their hard little penises,

What Turns Off a Well-Teased Man?

Well, that was pretty simple, too. What turned them off was their orgasm. As soon as they shot their meager little loads, they were turned off…and I had to start the teasing process all over again! Once I realized that, once that epiphany hit me, it was easy for me to turn them on and just keep them in that state. And it still is, stroker. All I have to do is keep you teased and edged, and keep those balls blue and achy. Isn’t that ironic? The less you cum, the more you are turned on!

I believe this is why Ms. Delia LOVES to be a cocktease! Feel free to visit me over at my main blog, Begformistress to learn more about me.

Thanks so much to sensual Ms. Meredith for hosting my blog post 😉 She really is sexy, isn’t she??!!

Summer solstice phone sex

Yes it’s official my pets! Summer is finally here! You know how happy that makes me?! “These are the days of the endless summer” in the words of Van Morrison. I will do my best to make sure that it is never-ending, kind of like my chastity programs for my locked pets. Right? Oh the joys of summer! Short skirts, high strappy heels and just of very happy sexy attitude! That is why summer solstice to phone sex is the best! Your mistress revels in this weather and just loves to take it out on you. In a good way of course!


Summer solstice phone sex

Summer solstice phone sex

let’s see if we can turn up our sessions to match the temperature outside shall we? How can we do that? Oh I am game for just about anything, so I say we try new things that you may not be exactly comfortable with. For instance, for my lovely cross-dressers I think it’s time you made a public appearance! I think you need to get a makeover or your nails done in your best summer attire. You will thank me later.

For those of you who are still curious about sucking cock… It’s time for you to open your mouth and step up your game! It’s time for all of those practice sessions to cum to life. I know you’re ready for this. My strap on has gotten quite a workout from you. Now it’s time for the real thing.

I have such a variety of regular callers just loaded with all kinds of kink that I am really looking forward to some very hot creative sexy sessions! you all have shown me time and again that you really do know how to please your mistress! After all a happy Mistress makes for of very happy sub.

So here’s to the days of the endless summer!



Ready for my strapon?

Ready for my strapon?

Ready for my strapon?

Hello my pets! Can you guess what today’s blog topic is? lol. I have a caller who just loves for me to use my strap on on him. Of course I am happy to do this, and I make him “work” for it! I am not easy, you know. This particular caller likes to be teased and worked up to a frenzy. So I usually tie him to the bedposts blindfolded until I am ready to whip it out.

Cock sucking

Did you think I would have him just lying their, blindfolded in anticipation? No. I slowly slide my body in between his spread eagle legs and let him feel my cock as I make my way up his body. By the time I reach his chest, I have him straddled between my long legs and his mouth is watering.

He knows what’s coming next

He opens wide as I slide it right in. This saves the need for lube later. He knows he needs to show me just how much he wants it before he can be rewarded with it elsewhere. But tonight I had a special treat for him. I slathered peanut butter all over it! Try sucking that off!

I had to laugh as the nutter butter busted his nuts for butter! His mouth was def full of thick, creamy stuff. He licked it clean, but it took him more time then usual. By the time he got it all, he was rock hard and begging.

I kept the blindfold on him as I slowly mounted him as he laid back and begged for it. Not one to disappoint, I rode the cock whore like the stud he wanted me to be!

Sensual Mistress Experience

sensual mistressYou Deserve Some Softness

If you have been in the lifestyle for a while, chances are you have experienced a few different styles of domination. Every Mistress dominates based on a blend of her personality, her preference, and your needs. I have been dominating long enough to know that I am a sensual Mistress.

Even if you have always had a strict experience, you will likely find that a sensual approach meets your needs in ways you could not imagine, until you try it.

The Voice

This style starts with the voice. Like mine, for instance. Feminine, beguiling, soft. I do not scream. I do not have to. You will fall under my spell and discover that you simply want to please me.

You are reading this on Ms Meredith’s blog. She is another sensual Mistress. So you know how her sexy voice lures you in. You get it. I really must share with you that Ms Meredith and I together would send you over the moon. Something to reflect upon next time you find your cock in hand, and certainly next time you are thinking of a call.

What a Sensual Mistress Wears

I enjoy wearing very feminine, naughty lingerie. Showing just enough flesh to provoke your imagination. Part of the pleasure of this type of session is hearing a deliciously detailed description of exactly what I am wearing. I also like to wear dresses that fit over my breasts closely and then swirl out around my legs like butterfly wings. Since I have a major foot fetish, for my own feet, I tend to wear very sexy heels too.

When you tell me that you imagine me in leather, I put that on for you. I like the feel and scent of leather. When I am dressed in my leather, know that I will likely be pushing your boundaries more than usual. It gets me all riled up, in the best possible way. The teasing will linger in your mind for weeks!

The Activities

A sensual session does not preclude any of your favorite fetishes. I am delighted to erotically spank your bare ass. I am thrilled to flog your cock, with your balls tied up tight and hard. I will give you as much CBT as you need. I will simply be teasing you with my melodious voice, and wonderfully sexy words as I do it.

Whatever it is we do together, I know how to get you all spun up. Sending you far out into subspace, tethered to reality by my voice, and my will. Flying you out there like a kite in an erotic windstorm.

What Are You Waiting For?

Pick up the phone and ask for Miss Violet and Mistress Meredith. Two world class sensual Mistresses who play together well. Adding you to the mix can only make it hotter. Let’s play!

Sensual Mistress Violet 800-601-6975


Summertime Phone Sex Time!

Summertime Phone Sex Time!

Summertime Phone Sex Time!


Summertime, summertime! It’s not here yet, but its coming.  Kind of like you on our calls. June 20th is the official start, but we are already feeling some hot hot days in my parts. But my parts are always hot, right? I will tell you, as much as I like to play with you, when the weather is like this, I just need to play with myself! Nice visual, right? So my apologies if I am not around as much as you’d like, but if you make an appointment that will help you with your Mistress Meredith time! I am in such a happy,feisty, frisky mood that this can be the best time to have a session. It’s the best time for summertime phone sex time!

Have lube will travel

I know many of you are travelers, and we can have some very creative play times in many different places. Both physically and mentally. So take your fav toys with you. if that is not feasible, at the very least, grab the lube. Unless you are totally stroking the dry one. I can work with that. So remember this as you plan your vacations, get aways or work travel.

Have you noticed the summery sun dresses and cute sandals that the sexy girls are wearing? I love this time of year. Wearing next to nothing and enjoying beautiful weather? AWESOME. Go ahead: call me a cock tease. And then just call me. Just picture me outdoors, in the sunlight, wearing a little something that shows just enough to keep you guessing.

Plus my sex drive goes in to over drive right about…now.

Boner bonus!

Yes, you have been promoted and awarded a boner bonus! So don’t let that go to waste! Waste not want not…right? Except you want it all the time. I like that about you, stroker boy. Let work on those stroking techniques, shall we?

work on your technique

work on your technique

Vanilla phone sex and Mistress Meredith

vanilla phone sex with Mistress Meredith

REALLY? Recently I got an email from a wanna be caller who said he was not going to call because I seemed too vanilla. HHHMMmmmmm. But then he saved himself by saying he read my review on the blog I share with the sexy Mistress Cassandra about . . . → Read More: Vanilla phone sex and Mistress Meredith

Guest Post for Ms. Meredith – Stroking to Music by Mistress Daphne

One of my favorite assignments is to make my boys & girls masturbate to music. Well, to the beat of the music.

When I learned to masturbate, I used water… flowing from the bathtub faucet. We didn’t have a shower massage yet (not even sure they were invented then!). I would lay down in . . . → Read More: Guest Post for Ms. Meredith – Stroking to Music by Mistress Daphne

Naughty phone sex callers

naughty phone sex callers

Hello my pets! Now I know this won’t apply to all of you, but it does apply to some. And let’s face it, at one time or another even my best callers have been naughty! Accidentally or on purpose, it doesn’t matter because either way it requires discipline. I . . . → Read More: Naughty phone sex callers

Sexy talk with Mistress Meredith

Sexy talk with Mistress Meredith

Hello my pets! Did you behave yourselves while I was gone? I doubt it. Ha ha. Butt I’m back now, ready to put you through your paces and determine exactly what pace that should be. I had a much needed Mistress getaway, but I won’t let you get . . . → Read More: Sexy talk with Mistress Meredith


I do!

Hello my pets! All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go! Yes, I am heading off (as you are getting your head off) on vacation. Something I tried to explain, as the great philosopher Jimmy Buffett would say. No need to explain…a Mistress has got to do what a mistress . . . → Read More: MISS YOUR MISTRESS