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Hot sex phone sex!

Hot sex phone sex!

Hot sex phone sex!

Hello my pets! We are having a heat wave and I am telling you, I am loving it! It didn’t bother me a bit when I walked outside and at 9 ‘o’clock at night it was as if I had entered the tropics! I love it! And because I love it, it just makes our sessions even hotter. you know the saying, “If mamma aint happy”? Well, just replace that with “If Mistress aint happy”…you get the drift. you also the benefits and get to experience hot sex phone sex!

Hot to trot!

I know you are, but what am I? I am even hotter and at a full speed gallop! I have had the best sessions lately, filled with sissy summer make-overs, endurance building stroking and amazing body worship! Oh, and it appears I am not the only one with a heated libido right now. your hot wife is really living it up with her bull… and that is no bull!

I have had a lot of 1st time callers lately, and that really makes me happy! I love my long term regulars, but it has been fun to tease and deny and encourage all kinds of kinky play with my new found playmates. A big pat on the ass for having the balls to call! I love it when that happens.

Beat the heat!

Beat the heat!

So, what are you doing to beat the heat?

I have a great idea. My pain slut loves his cocksicle and you can, too! Get a condom and an empty toilet paper roll. Fill the condom with water, put it in the tp roll and freeze it. Have the lube handy.

Or some ice, ice water, anything handy… we can have a really cool time!

Are you a lumbersexual?

are you a lumbersexual?

are you a lumbersexual?

“A lumbersexual or urban lumberjack is a physically fit man who has adopted style traits typical of a traditional lumberjack, namely a beard, plaid shirt, and scruffy hair, supplementing otherwise clean-cut and fashionable style choices. Denver Nicks described the trend as perhaps an attempt to “reclaim masculinity”.” So are you a lumbersexual?

This, according to wikipedia.

I have so many callers who either fit this exactly, or want someone who fits this exactly! he he. But one burning question I have is: can you reclaim masculinity? Another burning hot question is the answer to the question above: Are you a lumbersexual?

Now my friends, this is NOT to be confused with the Monty Python lumberjack. Because, well, he’s a lumberjack and he’s ok but he wears women’s clothing, like a cross dresser would. Not quite in line with the above mentioned lumbersexual. I just wanted to avoid any correlation or confusion here.

he wears bras and panties

This is a little different from the metro-sexual, too. Butt lets get back to this reclaiming of your masculinity. Not going down the road of feminization but the manly man side of the tracks. I would say that a man with a beard and flannel shirt does elicit pretty masculine thoughts (did I say “pretty”? awe) except when you look at the picture of the author/inventor of this lingo.

um….yeah. Not exactly the picture of masculinity. Oh, he looks like he’s trying hard to reclaim his masculinity. Just give me 10 minutes with him.

How about 10 minutes with you? We can talk about your cock stroking or cock sucking. And all your lumbersexual adventures!


Who ya gonna call? BALLBUSTERS!

who ya gonna call? Ballbusters!

who ya gonna call? Ballbusters!

Yes, my pets, it’s one of THOSE kind of blog posts. But you know me, I am sensual even when I have your balls in my grasp. I was just tweeting the other day that I wanted to see “Ghostbusters” and not to judge me. Then I explained that in my mind, it’s actually Ballbusters, anyway. So I will pose the question to you: Who ya gonna call? Ballbusters!

Lets see how much ectoplasma we can extract from you

Oh, but not so fast, buster. I know you have a history of quick draw McGraw, but I will have none of that! Oh no. This is a long drawn out session. Why? Because I love CBT! What is CBT, you ask? Oh, just a little cock and ball torture, that’s all. Don’t you just love it when I use the adjective “little” right next to the word cock? I know, the truth hurts. It smarts, right between the legs, where its really not so smart. ~wink~

who ya gonna call? Ballbusters!

who ya gonna call? Ballbusters! 800-356-6169

But calling me for a cbt session, well…that is VERY smart! Butt again, I am a sensual Mistress. But I can be a mean Mistress when it cums to your cock and balls. Oh yes. I can calmly tug, twist and pull your ball sac away from your body as I softly tell you to take a deep breath. Then I can swat your balls with a soft laugh as you cry with each stinging slap.

Now the only thing to make this complete is locking you up in chastity after our session. Oh yes. CBT and chastity go hand in hand. Unlike your cock and hand! Now lets see if you have the balls to call!



You know you love your Cockteasing Mistress… and Ms Meredith is certainly a sexy tease! So this post can apply to her, or myself, or any Mistress for that matter…

Your Cockteasing Mistress 

cockteasing with Ms. Christine

Cockteasing is my favorite game!

I really love cockteasing a cock controlled stroking addict. Having him get naked then tying him to a chair so he can’t move an inch. Maybe I start off with a sexy striptease, watching that cock grow harder and harder, running my hands over my hardening nipples, then down between my legs. Then, when I’m nice and wet, I’ll grab my Hitachi Magic Wand and bring myself to orgasm, after orgasm, while your cock just drips in frustration.

My Bull

Of course, every sexy, powerful woman deserves a big, hard, thick, throbbing cock, and I have so many Bulls who are so willing to oblige me! What? You certainly can’t, not with that micro-penis you’re sporting! It’s so hot to have a stud taking me to Poundtown while I narrate the whole experience, telling you how big he is, how much he fills me up – how hard I’m getting off on his big dick! Letting you know that no matter how you try, you’ll never be able to make me feel this good…and reminding you that’s exactly why you’ll be denied tonight! You will get your fill of cream pie though, won’t you dear?

Cockteasing Chastity Sex

There is one thing about my Bulls, though. Sooner or later – and usually later, much, much later! – they are going to cum, and sometimes, I’m just not completely satisfied. Or sometimes, my prospective Bull just can’t make it when I call him! It’s quite a bit of cockteasing fun when I strap a harness and one of my big black cocks around your waist, just above your caged and locked up cock, and let you inside me. I think it’s one of the ultimate cockteases – so close and yet so far, my little chastity pet!

Tell us pet, which is your favorite way to be cockteased? Leave us a comment below letting us know… and thank you Ms. Meredith for hosting me today!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Naughty Hottie Body

naughty hottie body

naughty hottie body

I was driving today topless (my convertible, silly) when the song came on that just gets me every time. It goes so well with my last blog, I felt I had to drag it out just a little longer. I love making things longer.  Yeah, not just a naughty hottie blog, but naughty hottie body! Anyway, a hottie himself Dierks Bently sings it and it starts out like this….

Bet you think I’m sitting at home. No.
Bet you think that I’m all alone. No.
Bet you think I’m missing you and wishing you would call my phone,
Hell, no!

Hell NO

Hell NO

Yeah, that’s about the size of it!

But then he gets to my favorite part….

Got a new girl, she got it going on
We drink all day, and party all night
I’m way too gone to have you on my mind
She got a body and she’s naughty,
And she got me like you ain’t ever got me


I don’t know, just something about the way he sings the part about “she’s naughty” make me wet! It’s a trigger word for me, but it’s the WAY he sings it. Kind of like the way I say things during our phone sex sessions that get you hot and bothered, right?


So this naughty hottie body is ready for some major body worship. I know you know me well enough by now to know what I like. If you don’t, it’s about time you did! I expect you to know the proper way to worship your Mistress. So get on that! Do your research. I think this is gonna take some time. Lots of time.













It also reminds me of the Meghan Trainer song….

My name is “No”
My sign is “No”
My number is “No”
You need to let it go
You need to let it go
Need to let it go
“Nah” to the “Ah” to the “No”, “No”, “No”

But that’s a totally different circumstance! I will talk about that one next time. In the meantime, I am more then ready for some body worship time!

Naughty Hottie

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Cockteasing by Ms. Delia

Ms. Delia’s Been A Cocktease For A While

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Summer solstice phone sex

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Ready for my strapon?

Ready for my strapon?

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Sensual Mistress Experience

You Deserve Some Softness

If you have been in the lifestyle for a while, chances are you have experienced a few different styles of domination. Every Mistress dominates based on a blend of her personality, her preference, and your needs. I have been dominating long enough to know that I am a sensual Mistress.

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