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Naughty phone sex callers

naughty phone sex callers

naughty phone sex callers

Hello my pets! Now I know this won’t apply to all of you, but it does apply to some. And let’s face it, at one time or another even my best callers have been naughty! Accidentally or on purpose, it doesn’t matter because either way it requires discipline. I believe that is the endgame and what the naughty caller wanted and needed. So even my regular callers sometimes need some straightening out. (That’s pretty funny isn’t it? Are you scared straight?He he)  Only if you are a naughty phone sex caller!

Why are you naughty?

It can all be part of the equation. You want to test me. You want to push the envelope. Like a naughty child and what happens to a naughty child? In your fantasy world, you could be thinking back to a time when you were spanked and you liked it. Or maybe you saw something on TV and it’s stuck with you. Whatever the case, we all have things that we like, things that get us going. And sometimes a good old-fashioned over the knee spanking is just exactly what you need.

Yes I am a sensual Mistress. But that does not mean that I won’t be a mean Mistress at times. I have been known to make more than a few boys cry. I do have a paddle and I’m not afraid to use it. Sometimes that is exactly what is needed.

But sometimes, the naughtiness is not something that requires discipline. The naughtiness can be as simple as trying to top from the bottom. Or perhaps making an appointment with me and not keeping it. One thing that really is a pet peeve of mine is hanging up without saying goodbye. I know that you are in the afterglow of an amazing orgasm, but that does not excuse the behavior. It’s just plain rude.

So if it’s a fantasy to be naughty, I am all about that! I am happy to discipline you. But if you are just plain unruly and rude than I will certainly act accordingly. I hope you choose correctly.

Don't be rude to your Mistress

Don’t be rude to your Mistress

Sexy talk with Mistress Meredith

sexy talk

Sexy talk with Mistress Meredith

Hello my pets! Did you behave yourselves while I was gone? I doubt it. Ha ha. Butt I’m back now, ready to put you through your paces and determine exactly what pace that should be. I had a much needed Mistress getaway, but I won’t let you get away or get off that easy! Oh no my pets! Now that I have had some relaxing and re-juicing, I’m more than ready for some sexy, hot erotic sessions. So if you can walk the walk, I think you are ready for some sexy talk with Mistress Meredith!

Did you miss me?

I have to admit I missed you! In spite of all of the beautiful weather, sun and sexy fun, I thought about you and all the things that I could do to you. I missed your voice as much as you missed mine. I missed our sessions, confessions, and all around exciting times. After all, I’ve been controlling some of your cocks as a phone sex Mistress for a very long time now. It’s all second nature to me. Just like it’s second nature to you to just let me do it, to hand it over! I really love that, you know.

I’m really looking forward to manhandling you again. In only ways that I know how! We are going to have some big fun because I am ready to rock and roll! I don’t know if you’re going to be happy with my new found Mistress energy, or scared. Perhaps you should be both. Either way, I know you will be pleasing your Mistress!

Don’t worry!

Don’t I always take good care of you?! Somehow I always take you exactly where you need to go. Just because I’ve had a vacation and some time to think about things or really not think about things, that’s no reason for you to be worried. Just because I’ve been relaxing and enjoying myself, that’s no reason to think that I would have any creative, naughty, sexy ideas for you and our sessions, now is it? he he

I guess you will need to call me to find out! And you better because I’ve missed you and I’m really looking forward to our playtime! Absence does make the heart grow fonder, and I believe the cock harder! We are about to find out.

still wet

still wet


I do!

I do!

Hello my pets! All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go! Yes, I am heading off (as you are getting your head off) on vacation. Something I tried to explain, as the great philosopher Jimmy Buffett would say. No need to explain…a Mistress has got to do what a mistress has got to do!

But I will miss you!

I am not sure if this is a working vacation or not. So don’t be surprised either way, or crying if I don’t respond to emails or IM’s. I am off for an adventure and might be back friday…or saturday…or sunday. lol

In the meantime, you can keep yourself occupied with my older blogs. No stroking until I get back…oh, alright… you can stroke. Butt no orgasms! Lick ya later


Miss your Mistress

Miss your Mistress

2 Mistress Call

Hello my pets! They say 2 heads are better are then one, and I welcum you to put that to the test! If you have ever wanted a sexy combo, now is the time to try! I have so many playmates here and love to add a voice to add another sexy perspective to our call.  If you have always fantasized about a menage a trios, I am all about that! A 2 Mistress call can be big fun!

Lately I have had the pleasure

of several two Mistress calls. Ms. Scarlet and Ms. Phoenix on different occasions were quite fun! It seems like when you have two of us, there is a special energy. The two of us feed off each other and just bring to life some nuances that the two of us pick up on. No, you can’t hide anything from us.  Sooner or later you will confess to us, and we will run with it.

2 Mistress call

2 Mistress call


So next time you’d like to amp it up a bit, consider having a two Mistress call with me and another sexy Mistress. I know we will have a good time! It will definitely be a hard cock night for you. We will both to see to that!


Good will and sissy assignments!

Good will and sissy assignments

Good will and sissy assignments

Hello my pets! Your Mistress has been enjoying some good weather (finally!) great calls (always!) and good times. I like to think I can make the most out of any situation. I also am usually pretty observant of my surroundings, which makes for great blog material sometimes…like now. This Good Will can be interpreted many ways. Good will towards men, good will in general, or the Good Will Store. Now I know you are curious about good will and sissy assignments!

Yes, your Mistress was at the Good Will Store

I am working on an artsy crafty project and being the  cheap  frugal person that I am, I hit the store, and it was 50% off, too! As I gathered my glass ware for really cool eclectic outdoor lawn ornaments (aka artsy crafty project) I was standing in line. Well, of course this could only happen to me, and of course I took notice!

The “man” in front of me had quite a collection of treasures. In fact, I was envious of the purple bra with pink rhinestones and glitter. The thigh highs still in the package and the sheer shawl in black. Oh, but the cherry on his cupcake were the platform stripper shoes size 10. Jackpot!

I was laughing on the inside

As “he” sashayed up to the counter, I thought to myself, no one else is even thinking what I am thinking! They all think “How sweet, he’s going to surprise his wife/girlfriend/lover.” HA! I know better! There was some major feminization going on here!

The only thing that was hard for me to determine was is this a sissy or a cross dresser. I am sure that was not the only hard thing in this equation, either way! So my sissies, your assignment is to go to a Good Will, make sure it is a busy day, like a sale day, pick out some pretties, stand in line and when you check out, make sure you make it know you are buying for your naughty, sissy self! DO IT



Bringing up the rear

Bringing up the rear

Hello my pets….you know as much as I am a fan of ass worship, this blog is a bit about that, butt mainly about a few callers who deserve some blogging about. I have a couple who have really been some good ass sluts (you know who you are) . . . → Read More: Bringing up the rear

She was a fast machine

she was a fast machine

I guess you can apply to me. I could make a meal out of you and come back for more. I am not a machine as far as my response to you, or my sensual sessions. No, I am very real. I have heard it over and over . . . → Read More: She was a fast machine

Mistress Worship

Mistress worship

Hello my pets… you know I love your desires, your devotion and loyalty. you take such good care of our sensual Ms/sub relationship and always maintain a sexy appetite for whatever I request. I look forward to our sessions and always enjoy them. Mistress worship is very sensual, and a seduction . . . → Read More: Mistress Worship

Spring Break 2016

spring break 2016

Hello tiny ones! you all look so tan, all oiled, sea salty and appetizing. he he. It always seem to be that my eyes are drawn to the muscular men, the really meaty ones. Big surprise! Oh my…now their’s a sight… I am not trying to make waves, but dude, . . . → Read More: Spring Break 2016

Spring phone sex

spring phone sex 800-356-6169

Hello my pets! As you know, I am NOT a fan of winter and as much as I can appreciate fall… spring and summer are by far the best! Now that it is official…my Birthday? No, SPRING! We can really spring into action and start enjoying the weather, the . . . → Read More: Spring phone sex