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Hello my pets! I hope you turkey’s enjoyed your holiday. I did, Thank-you. It is such a nice reason for gathering, but I also some of you do not have many to gather with. As always, that is why we are here! I have been here a long time. I have an anniversary coming up in January. So I have been talking to some of you for years! I love every minute of it. The exchange, the chance to get to know you, and share intimate times.

I know I have not been around too much

So much has happened! The first was being sick and it’s not much talking to me when I am sick. lol. But now that I am moving to warmer weather, hopefully I will be healthier. No spring or fall colds!

Then I was off on vacation, and a Mistress cruise after that. Now I have been in the midst of boxing up stuff, garage sales (no, none of your sexy toys you sent me were included in that! What would the neighbors say? hehe) and moving!

So, soon I will be settled and you will have more access to me!

Butt I did want to take a moment and say Thank-you. I have callers who have been talking to me for years, and for that I am grateful. I have had several new callers in the past few months who have been amazing. This is a unique place and I have enjoyed you all immensely. The in depth sessions, the customized programs, the assignments…it’s all good! I truly believe I have the best callers!

settling in

settling in

At this time of year you just automatically reflect on the good things in life. I want you to know, my pets, that you are included in that reflection.

Thank-you for being fun, faithful callers and perfect pets. (and not so perfect at times on purpose! spank you very much!)

From my heart… I appreciate you! xxoo

Mistress ASSignments

Mistress ASSignments

Mistress ASSignments

Hello my pets! Did you miss me? I missed you…each and every one of you! As you know, I was making my trek in my big rig truck across country. Man alive! It was brutal. Sleeping in the truck at a rest area, waking up a few hours later because I was cold. I was eye level with truckers and I admit: that was a bit of a power trip. I know, I could have had movers do all that. But this Mistress is cheap. I mean frugal. So, while I was away, did you do your Mistress ASSignments?

yes or no?

I knew I would be gone for quite a few days in a row, and no internet at the new place yet. So I gave assignments to keep you busy and preoccupied with that instead of yourself. That was my whole philosophy with that. I am anxious to hear how you did! I know some of you are addicted to stroking, so I gave you specific instructions.

I also know many of you are devoted to Mistress. So that can be especially hard (mmmmm….hard) when I am away. That is why you have assignments. To help fill the void when I am gone. I will be back now more often till the end of the month when I make my final move.

But I want you to know, you can call other Mistresses here! I know sometimes the urge is just too strong and you need some good old fashioned intelligent phone sex. By all means…call.

How naughty were you?

How naughty were you?

So my pets, show me how much you missed me and tell me all about your naughtiness! xxoo



My kinky Americans

My kinky Americans

My kinky Americans

Welcum to my world! As your new president elect, I want to thank you for your vote of concubines. Oops. My bad. I meant confidence. I know I have not been here for awhile to ┬ákeep you entertained, but the kinks of America have kept me quite busy. That, and some REALLY big news…I am finally doing it! I am going down South…the deep South!

So I may not be around as much as I’d like the next few days. A Mistress has a lot of schtuff. My shoes and boots alone could fill a truck! Don’t even get me started on my sex toys! But you knew that.

But don’t worry, your Mistress is still just a phone call away. Just like your phone sex girlfriend would be! I will soon be talking to you poolside. How cool is that? I cannot wait!


After all the heavy lifting, driving across country and directing all my minions as to what goes where, I am sure I will be in the mood for a sensual massage! I wonder how many volunteers I will have for that assignment!


So think about your Mistress and my adventures. Be patient as I sort through boxes and start the next chapter in my sexy, soon to be sunshine life! xxoo

Phone sex therapy


Ms. Olivia┬áhas a great blog post right now that I wanted to share and also build on. She makes several good points about confiding, sharing and how the Mistresses here can almost be termed as a therapists. ALMOST. We are not licensed, but we do know a thing or two about your kinky ways! I have heard this dozens of times over all the years I have been your confidante. In fact, I have known some callers who saw counselors and were traumatized about it. Only because the counselor was not familiar with their kink and saw it more as a perversion then an outlet…or way way of life. The good thing about talking to us is you know your phone sex therapy is much cheaper then a visit to the shrink. And a little more fun!

We are sexperts

Seriously. We are. We have heard almost everything, and you know by now its judgement free. In fact, most of us will be asking all about it, getting all the kinky details. The glory hole is in the details. Yep. We like all your dirty little secrets! The good thing about your full frontal disclosure is we will never tell anyone! We could not be here this long if we were yakkity yaks. Safe as home base, bebe!

The other good thing is just think about happy you will be talking to someone about your sexcapdes. Who else could you share this with? Right? your best friend would never never understand. you risk the friendship by disclosing some things. Like panties. Or the desire to suck cock. Yep. This is why you need some good old fashioned phone sex therapy.

Good news!

you can even have guided masturbation therapy. How cool is that? Imagine how much better you’ll feel after that session!

phone sex therapy

phone sex therapy. I’ll drink to that!


Good things


They say all good things must end, butt what about all bad things? As in naughty, very bad, bad things? That is what I am talking about! Sadly, the sexy Mistress cruise came to an end. It came hard, too. As you can imagine, right? Did you feel it? I did, every night! The motion of the ocean, baby! It was almost as if the rockin’ rhythm was in sync with…well, never you mind. I guess it’s just a matter of choice as to whether you categorize it as good things, or very bad things!

I was very excited to be rooming with Ms. Brighton. Her exotic looks and strong presence were filled with sexy, strong confidence. That is a lethal combination. And that body! But her attitude is what I really enjoyed. Oh how she toyed with the Captain, head waiter, and all the other hot blooded males on board. She invented the art of cockteasing!

Then of course we had the fiery ginger, Ms Scarlet, and she was in the library doing all kinds of things against humanity…with a candlestick! She just has a way of getting men to do whatever she wants. I have seen her in action, and all it took was a smile. That’s all I can say about that. ~wink~ Other then she is a natural cocktease!

Ms. Lily held court with all the young studs around the pool. They waited on her hand and foot and it was awesome to see how she had them catering to her every whim. No surprise, she is a cocktease princess after all!

The Queen of the Seas was Ms. Ally! A very fine example of ~you always want what you can’t have~! She has that air of Dominance about her that drives everyone, not just men, wild! Can you imagine all of us together sailing the blue seas? Boat drinks, as Jimmy Buffet would sing, cabana boy toys, shooting stars and very late, hot, rockin’ nights!

After this long, hard, sexy vacation, I am well rested (not really) and in the mood to be wicked with you and bad in a good way. And I DO mean very very bad…very bad things can be oh so good!

Wander lust

Wander Lust

Hello my pets! I know we are all familiar with my friend, LUST. Butt what is wander lust? It is a strong desire to travel. I have that lustful feeling deep down in my soul. So I must obey my hedonistic tendencies and follow the voice that leads me to unexpected . . . → Read More: Wander lust

erection election

erection election

I don’t know about you, but this election has been dragging on for waaaay too long now! I am not going to get political on you, but I felt in honor of this historic event, we should have our own kind of election. How about Mistress Meredith for President? I would . . . → Read More: erection election

Bed Head

My bed head

Hello my pets! As most of you know, I got a luxurious Marriott bed a couple years ago because I broke my bed. Um. Yeah…anywho… many of you contributed to the cause. (Thank-you! wet kisses, licks and erection detection hugs! xxoo) Now it’s 2 years later and low and behold . . . → Read More: Bed Head

Submissive Contract

submissive contract


Hello my pets! I have some rules as far as taking you on as a sub, and then, once you are accepted as my pet. Recently a pet full filled a very important assignment: the D/s Contract. This is something in your own words about the bond and binds between . . . → Read More: Submissive Contract

Mistress knows best

Mistress knows best

Yes, I do. As you know I was on vacation, but I’m baaaack now! you can leave a comment telling me just how much you missed me! I missed you, my pets! Butt it was a much needed getaway and now I am revived and ready to play and . . . → Read More: Mistress knows best