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Wander lust

Wander Lust

Wander Lust

Hello my pets! I know we are all familiar with my friend, LUST. Butt what is wander lust? It is a strong desire to travel. I have that lustful feeling deep down in my soul. So I must obey my hedonistic tendencies and follow the voice that leads me to unexpected places. you know what I am talking about, don’t you?

Of course you do!

I am lusting after long, hot sweaty nights, swayin’ palm trees and steel drums. Or long hung men sweating around my swaying palms and buns of steel. MMmmmmm. Men who know that my pleasure is your pleasure. I do love my pleasure.

I think you do, too. I also believe you love a sassy, feisty Dominate woman, don’t you?! I have always enjoyed telling boys what to do. It started early and never left. I can promise you I will be directing many males in the next week. Nothing unusual about that, except it will be from my ports of call!

Just poolin' around

Just poolin’ around

Hello sailor

Yes, I am going on a cruise with the super sexy group of LDW ladies. Can you imagine what kind of trouble fun we will be getting in to? Ah, yes, I know you can! I want you to think long and hard about that one.

But save some for when I return! This is why you need a Mistress, to guide and direct you and give you goals. So if you want to know what to do while I am gone, you need to call for instructions!

I am leaving the 19th, but possibly taking calls that night. Probably not available as I hit the high seas. I am back on the 24th and will take calls as I head farther South. I always love your head farther South!The 25th to the 30th is sketchy. Butt late the 30th, and then Halloweenie is good! I have some kandy for you, my love!

I want kandy!

I want kandy!

erection election

erection election

erection election

I don’t know about you, but this election has been dragging on for waaaay too long now! I am not going to get political on you, but I felt in honor of this historic event, we should have our own kind of election. How about Mistress Meredith for President? I would definitely poll an erection election!

Mistress Meredith’s lead is yuge…and huge

I am casting my vote in my very pretty pink, tight ballot box. My erection election is for you, the people! I will uphold my sworn duty to keep up this erection for as long as possible. you can edge your way into my primary, and yes, edging pleases mistress!

Lets see how well you respond and how long I can milk this. I do love your prostate milked as it does a body good.

Butt most importantly is how it all cums out in the end. This could be a head to head race and I am looking forward to that erection election end where I am crowned the winner and you can refer to my guide to queening.

In the end it's good to be Queen

In the end it’s good to be Queen

Fly your freak flag

My fellow freaks and thank-you for your support!

Bed Head

My bed head

My bed head

Hello my pets! As most of you know, I got a luxurious Marriott bed a couple years ago because I broke my bed. Um. Yeah…anywho… many of you contributed to the cause. (Thank-you! wet kisses, licks and erection detection hugs! xxoo) Now it’s 2 years later and low and behold I am like Brittany: oops, I did it again! Yes, my pets, I broke my bed! Again! So it was under warranty and I just now got the replacement! I am telling you, I am sleeping like a princess, bed head and all!


How’s your head? I haven’t had any complaints. (hehe) Since I have this new bed, it made me think about my favorite positions and all kinds of naughty romps. I truly believe the best head position is flat on your back with your head hanging over the edge of the bed. you can take alot of cock like that because your throat is all nice and relaxed. A caller confessed he had a cocksucking confession about that scenario. It’s a good one!

Now, you don’t have to suck cock, and sucking cock for your Mistress does not make you gay. It will make you happy. Butt not gay. Sometimes it’s just a curiosity.

major bed head

major bed head

Bed Head

Is the best. I hope to have that every afternoon when I wake up. Yes, I said noon. Nothing better then a nooner. It’s my goal to wake up with bed head. That is all part of the proper way to worship your Mistress.

Are you ready to worship me?


Submissive Contract

Dom/s contract

submissive contract


Hello my pets! I have some rules as far as taking you on as a sub, and then, once you are accepted as my pet. Recently a pet full filled a very important assignment: the D/s Contract. This is something in your own words about the bond and binds between us. Of course, this is not legally binding. But it is mentally, which in my experience is more binding anyway.

So, in his own words…

The purpose of this contract is to help build a better relationship between Mistress Meredith and submissive. Another purpose of this document is to ensure an understanding of the roles that Mistress and pet are to partake as well as what their roles as Mistress and pet include. Another purpose of this document is for said pet to show a long term commitment to Mistress Meredith as her pet, slave, and submissive, as well as any other name that Mistress wishes to name him. This contract is also written in order to build trust between Mistress and her subordinate.

M/s or D/s relationship:

Mistress is the sole owner of her slave’s cock. Mistress has authority of all orgasms / or lack thereof in this power exchange between us. However, submissive may release on his own if it is in the form of a milking or potentially, a ruined orgasms. Mistress has the right to loan her cock to another Mistress if she chooses. Other Mistress’ have the right to tease and deny, however, under no circumstances is an orgasm allowed without the expressed permission of the Goddess Meredith. However, another Mistress can tell said slave to have an orgasm is she chooses to test slaves commitment to obey commands of his Owner.

A Mistress that that has accepted Mistress’ cock and slave on loan, does have the right to test commitment to the Owner of the submissive. For example, telling submissive he does not have to wear panties anymore, even though his Goddess never told him that. Submissive is an instance such as this is responsible to adhere to both Mistress’ direction. However, his Owner has full control and her instruction must be heeded above others.

This is fantastic, isn’t it?

This pet did a great job. It covers quite a bit. I left out quite a bit, but you get the picture. So, now it’s your turn!

Mistress knows best

Mistress knows best

Mistress knows best

Yes, I do. As you know I was on vacation, but I’m baaaack now! you can leave a comment telling me just how much you missed me! I missed you, my pets! Butt it was a much needed getaway and now I am revived and ready to play and play hard! Are you ready to play hard? How hard are you? Oh, I can have some fun with you because you know Mistress knows best!

 Show me how happy you are to have me back!

We can start with a little body worship and you can work your way up from your knees from there. Just imagine my naked body under your finger tips.

Then you can apply your magical tongue talents so I can enjoy one of my favorites: your oral servitude ! I believe you will enjoy that also.

testing: oral skills

testing: oral skills

Now we are the pinnacle, the tip top and you can certainly take your time here since you have worked yourself up. I am not sure you can handle it, but you may be ready for breast worship now! Breast is best!

Breast worship

Breast worship Mistress Meredith

Penis Flytrap

How is your penis flytrap?

Anything to do with the penis is a trap, right pets? Especially around here!I mean, that thing between your legs gets you in to more trouble then a blank check. And how often do you check yourself? Not enough, I am sure. I remember days at the beach . . . → Read More: Penis Flytrap

Anal Cockteasing

The Dildo Chair Is For Your Anal Pleasure

I have so many ways of teasing you…

It’s actually a special anal cockteasing chair.  I bet you though when I said we were going to do some anal cockteasing, you thought I’d have you fingering your hot little hole, or putting a . . . → Read More: Anal Cockteasing

Erector set

erector set

I think I have a set of those…an erector set. Remember that? I never had them, but it looked like fun to play with. I think I have a modern day version of one. Or two. he he.

Tiddly winks?

Now I don’t remember those, but I think your adult toys . . . → Read More: Erector set

Properly Worship Mistress’ Body

Do you think you know how to properly worship mistress’ body? You may think so, but I am going to give you some pointers. Men seem to need a woman’s direction in every area of life. The number of calls I get requesting guidance for masturbation is astounding! SEE!!! You need to be told . . . → Read More: Properly Worship Mistress’ Body

I love you have a Viagra

I love you have a Viagra

Viagra Falls! Hello my pets! I recently had a very intense session w my caller who has been a locked cock chastity pet for a long long time. A new twist? Well, I let him out of his cage to stroke, put him back without an orgasm. . . . → Read More: I love you have a Viagra