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Male enhancement coach

Yes, that’s me. But I am a female enhancement coach for your male member. Oh, and you may join the team, too. This was the heading (hehe) of an email I had in my spam. The subject read “changing your penis is hard. We make it easy”. Of course I didn’t open or answer it. We all know I wrote the book on male enhancements. Lets see how I can enhance you…

Are you stroking?

No? Ah, well trained pet, you know to wait until you have permission. Good boy!

male enhancement coach

male enhancement coach

Are you stroking now? Yeah, I thought so. Keep staring at the picture and let your imagination run wild! But you know what would really enhance that? ME! Going alone is not nearly as fun as having me in your ear. you are cheating yourself out of explosive orgasms! As your male enhancement coach I can promise that!

So grab the lube and get comfortable. I need you relaxed and willing. Now, not everyone gets to stroke for me, let alone cum for me! This is your lucky day! So hold the phone, baby.  I will be coaching you through every stroke. It’s my way or the high way so I would advise you to adhere to my cock control methods.

A method to my madness

I like to change it up a bit, so don’t get too comfortable with my cock control routine! No telling what I may do next to make it interesting. I do like to push your buttons and your limits. I also like to enhance our sessions with tangible objects. Butt that is strictly for the big leagues and you may not be ready for that! No worries.

A minimalist approach works for me, too! I always like a nice smooth hand off with an explosive count down. Butt we all know this is for the stroker boys. you know who you are.

you also know this was certainly not what the email was about that I received, but it is how my sexy mind interpreted it. That kind of male enhancement is for another day, another blog. Teenie.

some enhancements for you

some enhancements for you

They say its my Birthday!

They say its my Birthday

They say its my Birthday

Hello my pets! I am very excited, as usual. Butt today…even more so then ever. Today is my day! lol. I know what my sweet pets are thinking. Everyday is my day. Right? I know! But today is my Birthday! Yes, they say its my Birthday … And I’m gonna have a good  time!

My gift to you!

Birthday Kiss

Birthday Kiss

A nice big wet one! Muah! I thought you might like a warm smear of lipstick. hehe

My bad. I just can’t help being a natural cocktease! Yes, it does come naturally. Butt this way you know it is authentic and I am really enjoying having my way with you! I enjoy it so much, I have been teasing your cocks for 10 years! That is a lot of cock!


In honor of my Birthday I have some big events planned!

I will sit back (or actually stand up and dance) and enjoy the fabulous Stevie Nicks! So excited to see her. Then spend the day (and night) at a magical kingdome. They are open till 1am in honor of my special day! The goofy characters made sure of it!

So no, I will not be here to celebrate.

Butt we can make up for it the day after. I always like the day after anyway. Besides, for a true Princess/Queen, the Birthday celebrations are really for an entire month! I know since you are devoted to your Mistress you whole heartedly agree!

My Birthday suit

My Birthday suit

Oh and I have to Thank my very special pets who have been gifting and wishing me a very special day! Thank-you for thinking of me and making every day special! you know how much I appreciate all you do for me, and how you pamper and spoil me! I have the best callers and every day I am reminded of it with a special email, gift or amazing session! you know how to please your Mistress  and I love all the pleasure!

For your pleasure, I insist you do something that makes you happy! I expect full accounts of orgasms, sissiness, cuckolding, cum eating, small penis play and all your kinkiness enjoyed in honor of my Birthday pleasure! xxoo

Fantasy VS reality

Fantasy VS reality

Fantasy VS reality

Hello my pets! How are you? Did you have a wee bit of the luck of the Irish, or were you just a wee bit? I had my green on and enjoyed handing out pinches. Oh behave! Speaking of naughtiness, I had a session the other night that was amazing. Yes, my sessions usually are amazing, but this one was with a well trained submissive. he knew to start out with a very nice tribute, and addressed me properly and worshiped me accordingly. At the end he lost control and had a happy ending. That can be ok EXCEPT he (1.) Did not ask permission and (2.) Told me he was locked in a chastity device. WTF. But this is where I beg the question regarding Fantasy vs reality.

What do you like?

I know this is a fantasy based playground, but sometimes we have some blurred lines. So everybody get happy…but not so happy when I am caught up in it as much as you only to find out it wasn’t what you were telling me after all! I believed you! lol. Like a caller tells me he has a teenie weenie because he likes the humiliation and fantasy. Or caller tells me he’s locked in chastity and the next thing you know, he came! I am not mad about these things, I am just saying a little disclosure can be good, and help me with your fantasy. There is a psychology of cock control and I always like to get in your head. Mind fuckery is a beautiful thing. But let me in on the fantasy vs reality please.



So your fantasy femdom is happy to go down your path of truth or dare and indulge your fantasies. If you want me to believe you are a tranny, I will for the sake of a sexy call. If your fantasy involves that I lock your cock and deny you forever, I will tell you you are never going to cum again. If you want me to use my magic to make you a girl, “poof” you are a gurl.


Just know its ok either way

Afterall, I m a sexpert. I can go with the flow. I certainly have had my share of unusual phone sex fantasies! It just caught me a little off guard when he came after a long session about chastity. I never heard a stroke of midnight or anything! So I hate to seem like I am in the dark or caught unawares. Maybe this is your evil plan and part of the fantasy.

Or maybe not…




CBT-Do you like it?



Hello my pets. Are you familiar with CBT? Do you know what it means? It means cock and ball torture and I am here to tell you…I love it. Before you start bolting to the door, hear me out. It is a fine line between pleasure and pain and the combination of the two can be exhilarating. The best orgasm you’ll ever have….if you get that far. So my question is: CBT-Do you like it?

I do!

That is a scary phrase taken out of context. But, to get to the sexy point, I do! I love sessions that allow me to creatively invite pain with your pleasure. To measure the pleasure and determine how much more you can take. Now that you know exactly what is CBT , are you ready to give it a try?

Say “Yes Mistress”

Now, a cbt session does not necessarily mean a ruined orgasm will be the outcum. I am sadistic enough that I sometimes like to torture, I mean play with the penis so long that if a submissive pet can endure and withstand, that if he can make it cum, then he deserves it. But this is not a guarantee or a constant.

Sometimes chronic masturbators need extreme cock control. CBT will set you straight. These sessions are not for the faint of heart. Nor are they for those who cry easily. Boo hoo. No! They are hardcore and most times will push you harder then the time before. It will be a combination of pain, endurance, mental mind fuckery and obedience.

you can see why it is a favorite fetish of mine, and why I would enjoy it so much. A submissive knows his purpose is to please. To make your Mistress happy with some ball busting is a very good way to express your devotion. Let’s see how devoted you are!



Kinky world out there

kinky world

kinky world

It is, right pets? If you have ventured out long enough to put the cock down and explore, you would agree. What is funny is how many people disagree with that, or are not really seeing it because they have blinders on. I like rose colored glasses myself. But I don’t like labels like “perverted” when someone is judging the kinky world out there. Hater’s gonna hate.


Right? I am lucky in many ways, but one specifically is my sexual preferences. I always liked men. Like many of you, hehe. Never any confusion. So I was at ease with my sensuality, and confident. I knew what I wanted and liked, and it was considered “the norm”. Butt I know many of you did not experience that. I cannot imagine the confusion you felt growing up, and perhaps today, if you are still closeted. you know you can be bi curious and not gay, right?

So many categories

It gets a little confusing. That is why I ask a lot of questions when I have a virgin caller. Virgin=pure and inexperienced, so I gather information. Like I said, so many categories. Like, why would a straight man suck cock? Or, just because you like to wear ladies clothing, does that make you gay? Not all crossdressers are gay, just like cocksuckers.

It could be curiosity

Because their was that one time at band camp…LOL. Butt rest assured, just because you suck cock that doesn’t make you gay. Now, if you are wearing ruffled panties, lacey things with stockings and patent leather shoes with a wig and make-up while cocksucking-that is a pretty good indication you are a gay sissy. But you could be a closet gay, or again, just curious.

Wherever you are on the kinky ladder, just enjoy climbing up or down and exploring everything in between.

you kinky cocksucker!

you kinky cocksucker!

To Do Lust

To Do lust

No my pets, that is not a typo. I was texting with Ms. Ally today and tried to write “It’s on my to do list”. Now, I can’t tell you what exactly is on my to do list, but don’t worry your dirty little mind about that. I pushed send . . . → Read More: To Do Lust

anal retentive

anal retentive rogue

Recently my pet submitted (as always) a blog he wanted to share that he wrote for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. My rogue, ass slut, pain slut and anal retentive in more ways then you can imagine. hehe A Day in the Life . . . → Read More: anal retentive

What does a Mistress do?

what does a Mistress do?

Hello my pets. I have been Mistressing for a long time now. I know many of you intimately, and many of you know me by heart. Those in the inner sanctum know that even though I am sensually strong, sometimes I have my moments. Recently I lost my . . . → Read More: What does a Mistress do?



you know, that word has an ugly sound to it and it is such a beautiful thing! Hello my pets! Have you masturbated today? I know the answer to that, but see what I mean? Now, the question: Did you self pleasure yourself? That sounds so much sexier. Masturbation…

What do you . . . → Read More: Masturbation

Sexy time

sexy time

Hello my pets! Now that January is under your bulging belt and the new year is off and running, how are you doing? Are you keeping with your resolutions I broke, or are you resolute in your old ways? I think I know the answer to that. Whatever your case may . . . → Read More: Sexy time