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¬†What do you think of when you are making love? I am just curious. As your phone sex Goddess, I wonder what is going through that kinky head of yours, on both ends! Speaking of ends, how do you like mine? Now this is not the end, butt just the beginning. The beginning of . . . → Read More: SEXY THOUGHTS


Do I feel hot to you? Here, put your hand on my chest. Yes. Do you feel my heart beat? Is it fast? Do I feel all hot and bothered? Do you feel like that, too? Is it hard to concentrate? Do you find yourself wanting to just scream with excitement from all the . . . → Read More: SPRING FEVER


Champagne. Chocolate. Roses. Jewelry. That little black dress. Lace top thigh highs. 4″ Heels. Perfume. Candlelight dinner. Soft music. Slow dancing. Soft kisses down my neck. Your hand cupping my breast. You whisper something sexy in my ear. What is it?

Oh, you want to get out of here? yes. Where would you like . . . → Read More: STUPID CUPID


So, you like to wear women’s clothes? Or is it just panties? That is often where it all starts…a pair of your girlfriends pink girlie panties. You have rummaged through her drawers and felt the satin between your fingertips a thousand times. Now you have some private free time and you decided to explore . . . → Read More: WEAR MY PANTIES