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Enchantrix Empire

So my sweet kinky pets! Have you joined the empire yet? Wow, it has a kind of “Star Wars” feel to that, doesnt it? Can I be your Princess Lay-a? No silly, it’s not like that. I am talking about a place you can call home for all your sweet fetish type fantasies. You can wander . . . → Read More: Enchantrix Empire


Good clean fun. Yes, that is what this blog is all about. I am having good clean fun right now! Your phone sex Goddess had a special treat today. I just love when a pet performs on cam for me. I watched my favorite stroker boy from Pakistan as he sat in his nice . . . → Read More: GOOD CLEAN FUN


Hello my pets! As I was listening to my ipod as it shuffled through my favorite songs, one got me thinking. It is very apropo for this lovely collection of kink here. It was the Authority Song by John Cougar ( I liked it when he went by just that, then he changed it!) . . . → Read More: SUBMISSION