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Enchantrix Empire. What is it? Just a place where all my Mistress and kinky friends calls “home”. Only about 3,000 members and going strong! Ms Ally created this place for all of us to happily hang out and wave our freak flag. It is a growing online community where everybody knows your  name kind . . . → Read More: ENCHANTRIX EMPIRE


A screaming orgasm. One of the most delightful experiences you can experience. So intense, the juices just flowing, enlarging and swelling body parts, the heart races and toes start to curl. The body tenses just begging for release it so desperatley desires. You lose yourself for a brief moment in time and feel as . . . → Read More: SCREAMING ORGASM


I know you love chocolate and may feel I lured you here under false pretences. But actually, this is a very important subject and I wanted to take the time to be sure you understood and were aware. It’snot about the planetary system and their components, either. This is all about the prostate and the prostate health. We want every . . . → Read More: MILKY WAY


Have you ever been so far to the edge you thought there was no return? Do you know what edge I am talking about? Your phone sex Goddess directs your cock stroking to the point of ALMOST no return. You work that cock into a frenzy and just when you think you will reach . . . → Read More: PUSHED TO THE EDGE