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Hello my pets. Yes, your phone sex Goddess is an American girl.

Funny, because this blog is about a new site called uk phone sex. Again, for our European kinky friends, we have just the spot for youIt is tres chic, hot, sexy and just for you. On the other . . . → Read More: AMERICAN PHONE SEX


Hello my pets. It seems like lately I have had some callers with

some well developed sensory receptors. They are infatuated with

of all things, MY PANTIES! Yes, your phone sex Goddess has been

fielding questions left and right about them. Such a conundrum! I

have quite a few hamper skunks now. Naughty ones! Especially . . . → Read More: PANTIE SNIFFER


Oh la la! We are branching out and reaching all across the country!

We are not just in France, but many places where kink lives. I myself love a sexy accent so I am extremely excited to have all these options for our friends in Europe!

Our special sites for you Aussies, Mates . . . → Read More: FRENCH CONNECTION


I just can’t seem to get that phrase out of my mind! Of course, your phone sex Goddess has to add her own special kink to it. You     probably know it as a “party in my pants” and it makes me laugh every time! But that simply would not work for me and . . . → Read More: PARTY IN MY PANTIES


Yah, dat ez goot! Ben and Jerry are cumming out with a ice cream called Schweddy Balls! I am not kidding! MMmmmm, yummy! So creamy and sweet tasting! Your phone sex Goddess thinks you should all go out and get you some! lol

Oh, you already got you some? Good for you! lol

Seriously, . . . → Read More: SCHWEDDY BALLS


Did you miss me, my pets? I missed you! Your phone sex Goddess is happy to be back and taking care of business. Many of you asked what I did on vacation. Well, I am afraid it has caused quite a stir, and gotten quite a few panties in a knot. See for yourself…

. . . → Read More: TRAVELING PANTIES