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Just was is it, what IS Victoria’s secret?

 What is it about sexy bras and panties, silky hose or lace top thigh highs and form fitting bustiers and corsets that make us feel so incredibly sexy?

I love a lace nightie, especially red with spaghetti straps. It brings out sexiness…confidence and primal type urges.

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I am captive with my hands held above

my head. The surface I am up against is hard, cold and unbending. The night air fills my lungs and my heart beats fast with uncertainty. Out of the shadows a figure appears.

Without any exchange of words I feel his lips press hard against mine. I try not to respond but . . . → Read More: SUBMISSIVE SEDUCTION


I was just curious because it seems like your phone sex Goddess has had so many calls lately about being hard. You know I am a chastity lover and so my caged ones have had a harder then usual time of it lately.

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Mistress Meredith, your phone sex Goddess, has an ASSignment for all my faithful sissies.

It’s time to get the juices flowing. The creative juices, that is! The ones that makes your panties damp from all this mental stimulus!

I want you to write a short essay, meaning 4‐5 pages in describing . . . → Read More: SISSY ASSIGNMENT


Hello my pets! Lately your phone sex Goddess has been experiencing one of my very favorite kind of session. I am not sure why there is all the demand for my sexy tootsies lately, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

So the foot worship ritual begins with you on your knees as I sit . . . → Read More: FOOT FETISH