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OH! Hello my pets! Your phone sex Goddess has her own big bang theory! It goes something like this…   You have been edging all day to my sexy pictures. My stroker boy  has poured on the grease to help make his hand glide up and down that  shaft like a well oiled machine. . . . → Read More: BIG BANG THEORY

Degrees of Androgyny

Hello, my pets! Your phone sex Goddess came across this interesting concept recently. It is a heated debate and falls hard on the religious anti gay zealots and those at the opposite end with a let it be philosophy. Of course, parents carry a very difficult task when asked to make a decision that . . . → Read More: Degrees of Androgyny


Hello, my pets. Your phone sex Goddess seems to have exactly what this blog is titled. Maybe you do, too? Constant craving? It’s just a very vibrant libido and strong sensual desires. I am one of those females who happens to actually enjoy sex. That may seem like a given, due to the nature . . . → Read More: CONSTANT CRAVING

Promoted to a sissy

Hello my pets. I just wanted to devote this blog to a pet who recently has made great progress. Now, you all know your phone sex Goddess affectionately refers to you all as “pets”. Its a general, blanket statement for a term of endearment for my sweet subbies. Most pets like to hear that . . . → Read More: Promoted to a sissy

Cum on Command

Can you? The other night I had a delicious session with a favorite stroker boy. Now, you KNOW what I mean when I say delicious, right? Exactly. Well, he was in rare form as your phone sex Goddess led him through each and every stroke. I was very specific in how hard, how fast . . . → Read More: Cum on Command

Man or Machine

Hello my pets! Yes, yes, OH YES! Your phone sex Goddess asks the age old question… do you prefer stimulation through something that runs on batteries or the good old fashioned way… yourself or a partner, if available? There is no right or wrong answer here, so relax. I am just curious.

Sex Drive . . . → Read More: Man or Machine

Mistress Meredith’s Wishlist

OK…before you go any further, go here…

I mean it! Don’t cum back until you have clicked the link.

Now, tell me. What’s the first thing on my list? Something for you??? YES!!!

You know how much of a chastity fan I am, right? So, right there, right at the number one . . . → Read More: Mistress Meredith’s Wishlist

I’m a lumberjack

My last blog was soooo serious I thought I would have some fun! Your phone sex Goddess is all about fun! Now that its summer and my time is my own again. Recently I had a call with one of my very favorite callers. Sometimes we break away from the intense awesomeness of our . . . → Read More: I’m a lumberjack

The Mistress Method

Hello, my pets. I have been thinking about the delicate exchange between Mistress and caller. I, being the Mistress and you, being the caller. Just to be clear. lol This can fall into subcategories as far as what flavor you prefer. Pets or slaves, cocksucking, vanilla, cuckies, cock caged, cockstroking or sissies, just to . . . → Read More: The Mistress Method