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Hello my phone sex pets! As we are winding down into the last throes of summer I am really enjoying this time of year. The hot summer sun is now at a different angle and its pleasant, cooler shades of summer put me in a introspective mood. My Shades of grey, your . . . → Read More: SHADES OF GREY BLUE


Hello my pets, as you know your phone sex Goddess is a huge fan of chastity. It is one of my favorite kinks! I believe it is one of the ultimate acts of submission. I love owning your orgasms!

Decisions, Decisions

Now with some of my caged pets, I allow them to cum . . . → Read More: ITS UP TO YOU

Fifty Shades of Meredith Grey

First Shade

Assume the position, my pet. That’s right. Your phone sex Mistress is in a mood tonight. You can tell by the glint in my eyes. As much as you have been looking forward to this all day, with that sweet anticipation growing, I have, too. Your erotic humiliation is just a . . . → Read More: Fifty Shades of Meredith Grey