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Would you like to buy a vowel?

How about the letter “O”? O, yes – that would be nice! Your phone sex Goddess LOVES the letter “O”. O boy, we could have fun with that! What is the letter “O” worth to you? Would you do anything to obtain that? Can you see my lips pursed to form the letter . . . → Read More: Would you like to buy a vowel?


…has now turned into slave Saturday! Your phone sex Goddess has determined that Saturday is a good day for slaves! I mean, its a day for house keeping, hand washing panty day-which is every day, and all around Goddess worship time.


Like running the bath for me, complete with bath salts and . . . → Read More: BLACK FRIDAY

Mistress Mayhem

Not Mistress may I, but Mistress mayhem. Like the commercials, mayhem could strike anywhere… anytime! This time is was Vegas and in a good way! The fine dominatrix femme fatales met and you can only imagine the trouble fun we got in to! I mean, anytime you have a gathering of strong willed . . . → Read More: Mistress Mayhem

Vote For Mistress Meredith For President!

Yes, my phone sex pets, your Goddess is asking for your vote! Now that it is time for erections….I mean elections… you can cast your vote for me! I have decided to campaign for kinky rights all across the US of A! I am a write in candidate, because Mistress is always right . . . → Read More: Vote For Mistress Meredith For President!