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El Horno

Hot cha cha cha! That is Spanish for furnace. What were you thinking, my pets? lol. What a lovely language… Spanish. Almost the language of love, right? The reason I know all about el horno is ┬ábecause of my sweet southern man who not only keeps me warm during our calls, but sets . . . → Read More: El Horno

Bend it like…

Oh, my sweet sexy fun callers. you always know how to treat me right and entertain me along the way. Recently I have had the pleasure of seeing just how bendable you are! My callers have put on a show! The web cam is burning up! This is def R rated = mature . . . → Read More: Bend it like…

Mistress Day

No, sorry. I have already had my featured Mistress Day. What I am talking about today is an unofficial national holiday of sorts. One of those unspoken kind, that not everyone is aware of. One that your phone sex Goddess could be the object of, in some regard.

The day before St-Valentines Day, . . . → Read More: Mistress Day

Thank You

For making my day! My Mistress marathon was a huge success, thanks to you! Those 24 hours flew by! you kept me entertained, orgasmic and breathless at times. It was so nice to re-connect with old friends and hook up with some new ones. I had hoped to make new acquaintances, and boi, . . . → Read More: Thank You