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Jack of All Kinks and Trades

Queen of all, not none. Well, that’s MY version of it! Do you know that saying? The original version is “Jack of all trades, king of none” and it refers to specializing. Like, determining what you are good at, where your talents lie, and staying in that direction or course. And the moral . . . → Read More: Jack of All Kinks and Trades

Presents for Your Presense

I am giving you a gift. Why? It’s my birthday and what better way to celebrate then with you! Right?!! So, in honor of this very special auspicious day, if¬† when you call you will get 5 free minutes added onto our call! So a 15 minute call ends up being 20, or . . . → Read More: Presents for Your Presense

My trigger word

According to one of my callers, it’s … ¬†DIAMONDS. Ha ha, very funny! I will deal with him accordingly. Although I do love the sparkly gems and could be orgasmically covered in them from head to toe, I think my trigger words are more like the sensually charged kind. Words of action, that . . . → Read More: My trigger word