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Might as Well Face it …

A dick ted to love


you’re addicted to love! Oh, truer words were never sung. Robert Palmer and his amazing back up singers. What a sexy music video, right? Those amazon mannequins behind the voice in a suit. Pretty hot!

So many fantasies can be contrived from that video. I know I . . . → Read More: Might as Well Face it …

Sir Spam Alot

Tastes like spam

I am not talking about spam in a can although it would be much tastier then this…er um, maybe not. I have never had spam in a can nor do I wish to introduce my taste buds to that activity. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I just wanted . . . → Read More: Sir Spam Alot

Southern Drawl

There is something about accents that make me go weak in the knees. Yes, I admit it. Something about the vocal inflections make me kind of tingly all over. So when I have a caller, like a sweet southern man with one of those sweet, sexy southern drawls, I find myself listening more . . . → Read More: Southern Drawl

My Husband The sissy: Part II


So, to continue the story…some of you were confused (what a surprise! ~kiss kiss) so let me clarify. It is not my husband. Mistress does not need one of those! No, silly, I received an email from a woman regarding her husband. Her husband, the sissy. If you would read . . . → Read More: My Husband The sissy: Part II

My Husband: The sissy


No, not my husband! Most of you know I don’t have one of those. Nor do I desire one. I love being foot loose and fancy free! But recently I got an email ¬†from someone regarding her husband. She was seeking my advice and shared her story…

Not . . . → Read More: My Husband: The sissy

Why Does Chastity Excite Me?

Chastity Excites Me

Recently a caller asked me “just what about chastity excites you?” and I answered without hesitation “The control”. The idea that I hold your desires in my hand, which I can lock or unlock with the key. The concept of withholding orgasms as a show of devotion to your chastity . . . → Read More: Why Does Chastity Excite Me?

Balls to Call

tell me all about it

Do you have them? Prove it! I keep hearing about how “you want to call, but are afraid to”. REALLY? What’s up with that? Am I so scary? You IM me and can barely say “Hello” and that’s it. Now c’mon… it’s an IM! A perfect opportunity to . . . → Read More: Balls to Call

Private Dinner

These panties would be perfect attire for the private dinner I have in mind for you! “Private dinner” conjures up all kinds of images. An intimate evening of indiscreet unadulterated lust. Nothing shy or demure about these panties. Or the implications designed with them.


is what is in between my legs. Some . . . → Read More: Private Dinner