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Gotta Have Faith

Last time I had some blurred lines. This time I have faith. Can you hear me, brother? Faith that this video will get me going! This one makes me hot just watching, every time! I have that voyeur side to me.  Never mind that he is battin for the other team, oh no, this was just pure . . . → Read More: Gotta Have Faith

Blurred Lines

Yes, I love this song. It makes me chair dance, table dance and move my body. Move my body! Did you hear that? I love it when that happens! This is a hot song, even if he did look like Beetlejuice with a teddy bear twerk.

It’s just a catchy naughty song by Pharrell . . . → Read More: Blurred Lines


Pretty in Pink

This has nothing to do with a previous post, all about my buff muff. But it’s pretty in pink, too. No, this is about a good sissy caller called none other than “Buffy”, which I believe is  a perfect sissy name! She is turning out to be a perfect sissy, too!

. . . → Read More: Buffy



Now what can a Mistress do in 100 hours? Well, when you have a willing, obedient submissive pet, the possibilities are endless!  I recently was put to the test and I believe I came out with flying colors. It was an amazing adventure. One that neither one will forget!


I had pre-arranged . . . → Read More: 100 HOURS

Buff Muff

Sexercising my Buff Muff

It’s that time of year where your legs go up in stirrups and cold metal objects are slowly inserted as you breath in and out. For some of us, that is. Now normally I am a fan of metal, but for you my chastity pets, not me. And as . . . → Read More: Buff Muff