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Ms Meredith’s House of Whores!

My House of Whores

Hello my pets! Welcum! Come in, and make yourself at home! Close that squeaky door behind you….just give it a nice strong PUSH! There now! I am so happy to have you… here. Especially on this Hallows Eve. Its a sexy scary time of year and I just love . . . → Read More: Ms Meredith’s House of Whores!

Three’s STILL Company

So my pets, to continue where I left off, I was in the car, on my knees, with a face full of pussy! Now, I have never been with another woman but this certainly got my motor running. I have had like a gazillion orgasms re-enacting this scenario so a huge Thank you . . . → Read More: Three’s STILL Company

Your Secret Gurly Life, Part II

Gurlie Gurl

A Girlie Girl

That is you, deep down inside, isn’t it? A woman trapped in a man’s body? Wishing with all your being you could be sliding into pretty panties everyday, slips, lacey bras, mascara and pouty painted lips.


you struggle with the idea that

it is wrong

it’s a deep . . . → Read More: Your Secret Gurly Life, Part II

Three’s Company

on my knees

Oh my pets… I had this very hot, erotic call last night and I usually don’t kiss and tell too much but this is the exception. One of many, in fact. This call was all about a threesome, but with a bit of a twist. You know I am typically most comfortable . . . → Read More: Three’s Company

Your Secret Gurly Life

Gurls will be gurls


 You love the girly aspect of all things. In the past you probably got a strong sexual rush from wearing lingerie and that was your motivation to dress, but over the past few years it has evolved into much more than that. It still includes dressing, but . . . → Read More: Your Secret Gurly Life