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Prime Time

Yes, I can verify that it is true. They say that a woman in her 30’s reaches her sexual prime. Cruel joke for the male population peaking at 18, but you boys always need to catch up to the fairer sex, right? As far as my sexual appetite… I am just . . . → Read More: PRIME TIME

The Gurly Life Begins

Gurly Gurl Coach

WHAT TYPE OF GIRL  WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE  If you were a girl, how do you see yourself? Someone who would be conscious of being pretty most of the time and work on it? Do you like the pencil skirt, white blouse and heels ensemble or the business suit . . . → Read More: The Gurly Life Begins


water play


Hello my pets! Oh, yes, I do love my callers! As much as I love new creative and challenging things to play with! Many of you know how much I love to play with ice, water and ice water. lol Well, recently I impressed even myself with a new addition . . . → Read More: Cock-sicle!

Your Secret Gurly Life, Part III

girly girl guru

Why Ms Meredith?

Because you have spoken with several of the Mistresses and have enjoyed yourself immensely, but now you want something more substantial. You  are ready to go the distance. you are ready to commit to something long term. If you ask for a recommendation from the Live Help line for . . . → Read More: Your Secret Gurly Life, Part III