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All lit up

Foot Fetish

I am a twisted naughty elf  not on a shelf. Just leave it to me to turn something innocent into something with blaring sexual overtures. I mean, who would associate mistleTOE with foot fetish? I would say my callers are rubbing off on me, but hell, once we . . . → Read More: Mistletoe

‘Tis the Season


Nicely Naughty!

To be jolly! I would like to help you be as jolly as you possibly could be! Are you like the jolly fat man who cums just once a year? For some of you (chastity pets) and you know who you are, that could be a yes. For others (tease . . . → Read More: ‘Tis the Season

You Need a Mistress for Christmas

I am your Christmas wish


At least, according to AC/DC you do. This Christmas classic is sure to replace those lovely blue balls that Elvis croons about. And as sexually charged as his blue xmas is, I could be very satisfied with being the main cause of those balls.

Easy come?

Easy . . . → Read More: You Need a Mistress for Christmas

Christmas Mistress

That also applies to Holiday Mistress, to be politically correct, which I am not, or more commonly known around here as 12 Days of Mistress, which is every Wednesday until Christmas. So my pets, Christmas comes early this year!

Trim your tree!

Say what?

Here’s the dealio, the scoop, word!

Easy peasy… Any caller . . . → Read More: Christmas Mistress

Chastity Milestone!

words of wisdom



Now my pets, you know we all have our kinks, our role plays and fetish fun. Sometimes real life spills over into the delicious world of our fantasy life. This is the case when you choose the chastity lifestyle.  This kink is not an easy one, and it . . . → Read More: Chastity Milestone!

Boner Owner


Well, are you? I should hope so! This is one of those “one size fits all” declarations! It applies to every one of my callers! You may be shaking your head as your cock cage rattles, but this is for you, too! You better be having that nice hard on in the . . . → Read More: Boner Owner