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Phone Sex 101


Hello my sensual, sexy, kinky pets! How nice to see you here, again and again, and again! Many have told me lately how much they enjoy my blog, and actually read it! LOL Thanks for that, it makes me happy to know you are stopping by! Uh hum-eyes here!

Spicy hot!

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Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder

Have you grown fonder?

Abstinence¬†is a term that is pretty mainstream now and is considered to be self-imposed restraint (can you restrain yourself, or do you need some help with that?) from indulging in bodily activities that are universally known as giving pleasure. (Pleasuring oneself… Mmmmm) ¬†Most often, the term refers to sensuality, . . . → Read More: Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder

The Menage et Trois

I will straddle your face



Oh yes! This still has me hot every time I think about it!

It’s my new favorite fantasy!

I have left you hanging for some time wondering what happened after that sexy car ride. My nipples are hard just thinking about it. So where were we?

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you WILL buy a dildo for Ms Meredith!

Dildo for Ms Meredith

You WILL buy a dildo for me… but not for me, for you! Oh yes you will my girlie girl! you will purchase a nice life like cock! Just like the ones you’ve been dreaming about! One with veins and a nice big round mushroom head. I will allow . . . → Read More: you WILL buy a dildo for Ms Meredith!

Three’s Fucking Company

3’s Good Company

Oh my pets! This session STILL makes me fucking wet! So, where did we leave off? Last year?

Oh, yeah…standing naked, tit to tit. So, my caller tells the sexy brunette to kiss her pussy juices off of my face.

She smiles and starts to brush her lips against my . . . → Read More: Three’s Fucking Company

Two Sexy Blonde Mistresses

Cheers to your 2 Mistresses

The sexy Ms Olivia (and I DO mean “O”!) asks in her blog “Can you handle it?” and I have to echo that sexy question: Well, can you?

I mean, you know what a sensual woman I am, but can you imagine this sexy dynamo together?

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Horny Holidays!


From the looks of it, Xmas brings out the best of you! Could it be from all that eggnog and festivus? Maybe you have something for sexy Santas or elves? Oh, and don’t get me started on New Year’s Eve! Man alive, you all certainly rocked my world with all your . . . → Read More: Horny Holidays!