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Adventures of Ms Clitty

Clitty adventures

Hello my pets! This is the first blog in a series about Ms. Clitty. Ms. Clitty is a naughty little slut who likes to tramp around. She is not a shrinking violet and begs the world to pay attention. Now you know how naughty a clit can be if given the . . . → Read More: Adventures of Ms Clitty



Kiss the pussy

Sad as that thought may be, this was the outcum of a recent call. This well meaning sweet caller had, shall we say, some shortcummings and he actually came to the realization all on his own that this would be his lot in life. So the majority of our . . . → Read More: KISS THE PUSSY

Super Bowl Hoe


Well, sports fans, there are ALL kinds of bets and wagers for this cumulative peak of the football season.

As you know, as much of a girlie girl that I am, I do have a passion for some good ‘ol football! Those players and their sexy bodies…oh the stuff that dreams are . . . → Read More: Super Bowl Hoe