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…then God created woman

wearing what fits

or plastic surgeons did! Cross dressers and girlie girl wanna be’s everywhere sit up and pay attention! It looks like a new public face is coming to town to represent the masses. I myself am swept up in this saga (not to be confused with sagging, as in jowls, breasts . . . → Read More: …then God created woman


Yes, my pets. Its that time of year when we need to think about shedding the winter layers and start toning and trimming. No, not manscaping, not that kind of trimming! I mean working out and lifting some heavy weights. No, I am not talking about your prized organ. I mean doing some activities . . . → Read More: SEXERCISE

Breaking Chastity Chains

chastity Mistress

Oh the chains that bind, right? Well my pets, I am afraid that this chastity Mistress has gone a bit rogue or maverick. Twice in one week, even! I absolutely love chastity and all that it entails. I am a firm Mistress with that particular fetish, and pride myself on developing . . . → Read More: Breaking Chastity Chains

Fantasies Realities

My world

Hello my pets,

Some of you know I had to step into the bright harsh glare of reality for awhile and leave your sexiness behind for a little while. Your behinds are so cute, too! Thank you for your understanding. I know some of you have experienced this yourselves. It can . . . → Read More: Fantasies Realities