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Sexy Scenarios

Tell me your sexy scenario

Whats your fantasy? What is tucked away, deep down inside that makes you all hot and bothered? What makes you lose all comprehension and focus in the real world as you tune it all out and just wanna get off? What just makes you wanna scream, moan ¬†and . . . → Read More: Sexy Scenarios

No teenie weenies

Crown me Size Queen

You know the old saying… A good man is hard to find and a hard man is good to find? Well, I want to add my addendum to that. A good hard man with a good sized cock is king! Lately I have had the pleasure of a few . . . → Read More: No teenie weenies


Spank Bank CFO

Just what is a “spank bank”? Is it a building of trade and loan? Where your securities are gathering interest? Is it a place you bank on getting spanked? (Hhhmmm…sounds like a normal bank) No, my kinky pets. Its a place deep down inside where you store and save your . . . → Read More: SPANK BANK