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Talk Dirty to me

One word. My favorite word. One word that says it all. It could be in a good way, or a bad way. Or a very bad way~snicker~. But its never really all that bad, is it?


um…I mean connotations. I was distracted for a moment. See…. cock, fuck, . . . → Read More: Fuck

Tramp Stamp

Trampy stamp

Yes my pets, I have some intricate markings on my back. It all started one night with silly girlfriends and a dare. I believe alcohol was involved, but its all kind of blurr.

Well, except when I felt the sharp cold object against my lower back and not in a pleasant . . . → Read More: Tramp Stamp

Any cock will do

Cock sucking Training

Yes, I know that’s a pretty lame blog title. Cockadoodledoo cover? Really? Lets see if I can make it up to you. I know you expect so much more from your cock Mistress. But its summer now, officially, and I am in the summer fun mode.

From the kind of . . . → Read More: Any cock will do

Let it Go! Part II

I can help you let it go

As promised, here is the rest of the story. My rogue pet and his assignment filled weekend of frozen bliss. Now, if any of you have done a call with me and it involved tease and denial, you KNOW of my love of toys. Specifically, ice, . . . → Read More: Let it Go! Part II