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Its a wrap!

Be careful what you wish for

Hello my pets! you know how much fun I have during our sessions and always listen to your requests. Yes, I do pay attention! Even the unspoken word, or the way you express your desires is duly noted. I can take you to unexpected areas. A constant . . . → Read More: Its a wrap!


Teacher’s pet

Hello my pets! Your phone sex Goddess is your sexy instructor/educator today as I pass out this test for all my attentive students. I know you all want to be teacher’s pet.  A recent caller talked about my IQ, as he whimpered about his and then it turned into a hot . . . → Read More: SEX IQ

I love stroker boys

Stroke for me!

I just love it when you do that for me! Especially when you do it on cam for me. Sexy! I love to watch you man handle yourself. It appeals to my voyeuristic side. Plus I want to make sure you do it right! lol.  So, grab the lube, get naked . . . → Read More: I love stroker boys

are you a cocksucker?

Practice makes perfect

Why do you crave cock?

It could be that you are curious. You wonder what it would be like and your fantasies get the best of you. Maybe you had an experience , you know that one time in band camp and your mind runs wild with possibilities. Perhaps you . . . → Read More: are you a cocksucker?


No more boo hooing

LOL… Hello my pets. Your phone sex Goddess is in a spirited mood. Why? I have had the most fun lately with some very special callers! Some new to me who have really entertained me and kept me laughing. Others who have confessed their latest and greatest adventures and . . . → Read More: HONEY BOO BOO BABY

Naughty sissy discipline

Naughty sissy!!!


Naughty sissy?

you know who you are! The question is….


Being a naughty sissy is a holy sin for a sissy, as it expresses disrespect and disobedience of the sissy. A sissy must always remember that her whole purpose in life is to service superiors, please them, look appealing . . . → Read More: Naughty sissy discipline

Wheel of Consequences Rules

wheel of consequences Head Mistress

Hello, my pets! Here is the blog you have been waiting for! The ground rules for the wheel watchers and their consequences! Lets take it for a spin, shall we?

Go ahead, take a Spin!

awe, too bad…you lose your turn!

Just kidding. So this is how it . . . → Read More: Wheel of Consequences Rules

Fair weather friend

Fair weather friends

We all have them, don’t we? Mine is an opera singer. A soprano who loves quiche. She dives into them like the Diva she was born to be. She will often call and sing my blogs back to me. It is especially entertaining when she does a song like…You Can . . . → Read More: Fair weather friend

Leave your hat on

you left your hat on

Oh my pets, you might think that is code for some kind of condom advice, or a new fashion sense I have.

No, its a song, from the movie  “9 1/2 weeks” and I cannot explain the effect it has on me. I mean, I hear that and . . . → Read More: Leave your hat on

2 Heads are better then one

We can put our heads together

Yes, my pets, I know we have amazing adventures on our calls, but just imagine if we added another spice to the mix? Oh man, you know how devilishly creative I can be, just think about putting two of us on the same train of thought and . . . → Read More: 2 Heads are better then one