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In the mood for a sexy pegging party


Ms. Andi has you pegged!

Oh my!  Look at all of you sexy people checking me out on Ms. Merediths blog the sexy truth! I am Princess Andi over on phonesex princess blog.  As you know Ms. Meredith was rummaging in my closets and was admiring my leather attire. I just . . . → Read More: In the mood for a sexy pegging party

Rattle your cage

Does this rattle your cage?

Hello my pets! As you know, I am a huge fan of locking up wayward cocks. Now before you start shaking your head and backing away, hear me out. Chastity is a pretty erotic fetish for those who desire to surrender to their submissive side, but don’t have . . . → Read More: Rattle your cage

Mistress Meredith says…

That’s right. Please me

Hello my pets. Lets play a game. I know many of you have quite the affinity for game playing and sometimes it does add a je ne sais quoi to the session, doesn’t it? Do you ever notice when you say “doesn’t it, if you say it just right, . . . → Read More: Mistress Meredith says…

Sex and the straight guy

I will straighten you out

Hello my pets. Since I have spent time on the sissies, it seemed only fair to devote time to the straight guy. I don’t travel down the straight and narrow path too much, but my straight guys are pretty complex and actually…sexy!


Not my straight guys! Guided . . . → Read More: Sex and the straight guy

Breasts are best

Time to worship

Hello, my pets! I was thinking about all the body worshiping blogs I have done and realized its been awhile since anyone mentioned my breasts! Anyone, meaning me!  We have a site here for legs forever, be my throne, and body worship in general. But no site dedicated to the . . . → Read More: Breasts are best

Stay Harder!

Stay Harder!

Hello my pets! I told you there was more to come. I know you so well, I was able to predick that! Now, more of my tasty morsels of how to make it last.

Now where were we? Oh, not charging up the mountain, but pacing the climb. Right? Right! So, . . . → Read More: Stay Harder!

Mistress Meredith’s strap on

Not always about chastity

Hello my pets! Can you guess what today’s blog topic is? lol. I have a caller who just loves for me to use my strap on on him. Of course I am happy to do this, and I make him “work” for it! I am not easy, you know. . . . → Read More: Mistress Meredith’s strap on

sissy rules for Mistress Meredith

Hello sissy

Now that you are my sissy, you will show your gratitude for being given this magnificent opportunity, by submitting to me. This also means you will be at my beck and call, ready and willing to please like a good sissy should be! you will respect and obey me at all . . . → Read More: sissy rules for Mistress Meredith

Prince or Princess?

Prince or Princess

Are you Prince Charming, or  Cinderella? Maybe Cinderfella? I can imagine it is an ongoing battle with your inner desires pitting against your Prince and Princess, with results ending up with a scuffle between the two. Who is more dominate in this fight?

Prince or Princess

Which one gives you . . . → Read More: Prince or Princess?

Stay Hard

Stay Harder

Hello my pets! I thought I would write about an issue that is very seldom talked abut here and what better place then here to bring it up. So not only will I bring it up, but I will tell you how to keep it up!

Not a little blue pill . . . → Read More: Stay Hard