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Free for all

Ah, my pets~sigh~….nothing is free. This is not a literal free for all but a figure of speech. What I mean is we all have our favorites, right? Sometimes you need a Mistress who is stern, and sometimes you may want to try one who is not. I know we all try very . . . → Read More: Free for all

Sensual Sessions

Hello my sensual pets. This post is all about you and our sessions. I am known as many things: Chastity Mistress, Cuckholdress, cum eating Coach, cockcontroller, Goddess and many others. But when asked if I am strict or sensual, I have to admit I do lean towards the sensual side. Its a very . . . → Read More: Sensual Sessions

sissy assignments


Oh sissy, you need to be kept busy or I know you…you will get into too much sissy trouble. So in order to curtail that, I will always have something to keep you occupied.

Yes, your Goddess Meredith, will be the Goddess of your life and you are happy to be kept under . . . → Read More: sissy assignments

Happy Sexgiving!

This is one of my very favorite holidays! It always brings out the best in people and it brings everyone together, some coming at the same time. It puts a smile on my face knowing I am giving the gift that keeps on giving. Some like to jump right in and gobble it up, . . . → Read More: Happy Sexgiving!

Things I am thankful for

Number 1 would be you, my pets! Right?!!


This is the time of year when we naturally turn to thoughts about the bounty that envelopes us and just how lucky  we are. For me personally, this year has had some personal loss that has naturally affected me. It has also made my . . . → Read More: Things I am thankful for

Phone sex connoisseur

The phone sex connoisseur carnivore whore who devours Mistresses and lives to tell! Is this you, my pet? Such a healthy appetite! I am happy to see other healthy tributes also. (eyeing your lower parts) I am just teasing. I think it is a grand title to be a phone sex connoisseur. After . . . → Read More: Phone sex connoisseur

Sexless Marriage

Now, this is a serious subject, and one that I cannot joke about. Oh, my pets…I cannot tell you how many sessions I have had with so many callers in this exact scenario. It’s a sad situation, no doubt.

How does it happen?

To tell you the truth, I am always amazed when . . . → Read More: Sexless Marriage

Days are shorter

and so is your cock! Sorry, but it’s the truth, the not so sexy truth and I know it hurts. When it’s cold out, I know it gets all shriveled up and climbs right up into the ball sac. Trying to get warm, maybe?

Not to be mean

but the days now are . . . → Read More: Days are shorter

Am I a cross dresser?

Boys will be girls and girls will be boys

Hello, my pets! The other day as I was shopping at my favorite department store, I saw a shirt that caught my eye. I am in the middle of a frikin’ polar vortex that is more cruel than usual being that I was just . . . → Read More: Am I a cross dresser?

Be Still Your Heart

Some of the LDW Mistresses recently gathered together for some fun in the sun in Florida.  I had the great pleasure of sharing a luxury suite with my very good friend, Ms Meredith.  You already know she is fabulous.  I do not need to convince you of that.

What I want to tell you . . . → Read More: Be Still Your Heart