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The Blonde Bombshells

Well my pets, it never fails. Once I blog about it, I get more of it. I am ok with that, especially when it involves some of my favorite playmates, and of course, teasing, sexy fun!

I blogged about the incredibly hot call I had with the sexy Ms. Piper. The same brilliant man . . . → Read More: The Blonde Bombshells

What would you do for an Orgasm?

What would you do for an orgasm?

I always hear the same thing, begging in desperation… “Oh, Mistress, please let me cum. I’ll do anything. Please, I am begging you. I will do a n y t h i n g!” To which my ears perk up and I challenge you with my . . . → Read More: What would you do for an Orgasm?


Let me guide you

OH, my pets, recently I had a call that really was very sexy. Some of my callers like to look at porn. (NO!) Yes, I know, big surprise! And some of those porn watching callers like to share the experience with me and send me links (which is always . . . → Read More: EROTIC IMAGES

Naked man

Oh my pets, I feel like I have a new toy, ¬†all shiny and new! Of course, when a blog title reads “Naked man” you know its got to be good!


Just recently I have stumbled upon this sexy fetish, and I admit…I am totally enjoying it! What fetish? Oh, just the . . . → Read More: Naked man

Cuck and the less endowed

scratches my head

Well my pets, as always there are many different kinky scenarios for different kinks and just when you think you’ve heard it all, a new one pops up and you scratch your head (and you can scratch your balls while you are at it) and say…wow.


Remember him? My . . . → Read More: Cuck and the less endowed

How long

could you go without sex?

Ha, tricked you! I am sure you thought the question would be all about your penis length. Not this time. No, this is a serious question. Put aside chastity programs for a moment (even though that is one of my fav fetish calls) and think about this.

sexual . . . → Read More: How long


Zing! That’s right my pets, my pain slut was at it again. Zing went the zappers (don’t you love my technical terms?) and we played and played for 4 hours straight. This device has lots of fun, different settings and we played around positioning them just right. Which means the tender ball sac, the . . . → Read More: AmaZING

Executive orders

Since I am your sexy Prez, I wield a great deal of power. As if I needed a presidential stamp to tell me that! lol. With that power cums great responsibility and every decision weighs heavy on my heart, among other things.

sexy prez


I treat all my constituents as equals, well . . . → Read More: Executive orders

The sexy Ms. Piper

Double your pleasure

Last night a very smart caller requested a 2 girl call, and he wanted yours truly and the sexy Ms. Piper! Would you believe we have never have the chance to play together before? I know!

I believe this pairing was pure genius! Like chocolate and peanut butter! Hot chocolate . . . → Read More: The sexy Ms. Piper


President Meredith

My fellow cumamericans…In honor of Presidents Day, I have decided to announce my acceptance as your leader of the free world. I believe in bi-sexual, bi-partisan and the audacity of it all! It is no surprise where I stand on most issues.

For instance, the issue of your teenie weenie? It’s . . . → Read More: Prez