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Sensual Mistress

Sensual Mistress

yeah, that’s really more my style. I know the last blog didn’t get many comments and may have scared (and scarred) a few. lol. Sorry, but it had to be said. But the sensual side is really more of my liking and seems a natural fit. I have to work at . . . → Read More: Sensual Mistress

Mean Mistress

Mean Mistress

yes, my pets, that’s me. Now I know some of you are shaking your head,(or should I say “heads”?!) but that is because we have had sensual sessions and no need to be mean with that. I mean, how strict can I be when I am telling you how to stroke . . . → Read More: Mean Mistress

Bulls to the bedroom


Have you heard of the running of the bulls? Well, they may be running, but it’s to the boudoir, the hot spot, the love shack. Recently I have had a stream of calls from teenie weenies, and that has then lead to amazing cuckold sessions.

Why, you ask?

Let me connect the . . . → Read More: Bulls to the bedroom

Body worship

So my pets, so many times I am asked “what will please you Mistress?” and my answer always is: worship my body. If you are truly submissive, and want to please me, you will do exactly that.

worship me

If you do this properly, it will take some quality time. No rushing when . . . → Read More: Body worship

Daily Orgasms

Right there

Well my pets… I wanna know. How many times a day (week? month? year?) do you enjoy yourself, or in the company of others? Yes, I will include partners, toys and self service. Me? Have I mentioned my shower massager? My daily ritual in the shower includes a little “me” time . . . → Read More: Daily Orgasms

March Madness

My game face


Yes, it is upon us, kind of like me on you for…well, just about anything! You know I love sports, and bouncy balls, so I have 2 favs to play with, next to you! Now, feel free to add your own kinky twist to this proposition. Imagine, a caller . . . → Read More: March Madness

Gadget Girl

As most of you know, I just had a B-day. (Thank-you again for all the pampering and very exciting gift giving! I love everything you spoiled with me!) I decided to spoil myself and get a watch. This is no ordinary watch, mind you. No…this is a George Jetson/James Bond kind of deal. Shaken, . . . → Read More: Gadget Girl

Wet and Sexy


I’mmmmmmmm baaaaaccccckkkkk! lol

How obnoxious was that? Not any worse then what you have been up to without me, right my darlings? I see you looking at me with those innocent eyes. Well it won’t work! That’s about the only thing that is innocent on you!

Damage is Done!

But its not . . . → Read More: Wet and Sexy

Missing your Mistress Meredith

Jimmy Buffett strikes again

Hello, my pets!

Here is a postcard especially for you!  Signed, sealed, delivered! I need to give credit to my fav philosopher, Jimmy Buffett, for whom I have based many of my life enhancing mantras. Like “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere,” or “Boat Drinks,” and “He went to Paris,” “Changes . . . → Read More: Missing your Mistress Meredith

Hands off the cock!


Hello my pets! In my haste to get out of Dodge, I realized I forgot to leave instructions for how to manage without me. Other then buying the audio and letting my voice keep you warm! So here goes…

Just wait!

Yep. That’s about the size of it. Big or small, those . . . → Read More: Hands off the cock!