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I read about it

Read all about me

in a mag ga gaza ine…lol. How are you, my pets? I thought I would catch up on my reading. you know, all the classics… “Outdoor Body Worship” and “Why Chastity Excites Me” just to name a few!

What have you been doing in your spare time?

Let me . . . → Read More: I read about it

Hard cock night!

I will work you like a dog

Oh, I like dogs too much to do that. ~snicker~

So my pets, how are you? Has it been a hard cock night? Well, you have cum to the right place then! You are in good hands and lots of them. you know the things that . . . → Read More: Hard cock night!

Phone sex callers

are the best! You, my pets, are the best! No matter what your kink, we always find the trigger and blast off full throttle. I just wanted to take a  moment and throw some love out there.

your Phone sex Mistress

Feels so good

I love a little spicy pillow talk and seriously . . . → Read More: Phone sex callers

Spring has sprung

and so has your cock, right?! It’s the time of year when you just can’t help but feel frisky. For those of you who live in colder parts, this is a welcome time, like a breath of fresh air and much anticipated. It’s been a hell of a long frikin’ winter and spring makes . . . → Read More: Spring has sprung

Sexy Fuckit Bucket List-part 2

What’s on your to do list?

Oh, my pets. This has been a fun one! I knew you were all kinky sluts, but your range of naughtiness is impressive! This coming from a very sexy phone sex Mistress with a “few” notches on my bed post. ~wink~

The rest of the list….

1. . . . → Read More: Sexy Fuckit Bucket List-part 2

Sexy Bucket Fuck-it List

The Fuckit list

I know you have one, my pets! If you don’t, you are in luck. I have it right here for you and you can cross off as you go. Oh, but first go through and cross off what you have already accomplished. you naughty slut, I bet you will x . . . → Read More: Sexy Bucket Fuck-it List

Favorite Fetish

Oh, my pets. We have all kinds of delights here, a smorgasbord of tantalizing treats to fill your cum eating plate and then some! With so much to choose from , it’s hard (I hope) to narrow it down to just one.  This is how I feel when a caller ask me what I . . . → Read More: Favorite Fetish

Quick cummings

Oh my pets! This is a subject no one really likes to admit openly…except for here, with your Mistress! Let’s face it, between my voice, your stroking and the visual stimulation from my pics, well…sometimes you just cum waaaay too soon!

well that was fast

 That was fast!

Never a good sentence uttered . . . → Read More: Quick cummings

Submissive man

Show me how submissive you are

Is that you? Or do you feel like you would LIKE to be that way, but society (or wife/girlfriend/partner) has other plans for you? I know it can be difficult maneuvering in this day and age.


or should I say….back in the day, the man wore . . . → Read More: Submissive man

April Fools

Oh, sorry….that was yesterday! Oops, my bad. In my last blog I neglected to end with “Aprils Fools”!!! I am NOT leaving you, my pets! Some of you were questioning if it was real because of the date, (April 1st) and others wrote me beautiful, heart felt emails wishing me luck. Many were pleading . . . → Read More: April Fools