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Phone sex options

Doing Mistressy things

Hello my pets! How are you? Have you missed me? you know, I have missed you…terribly! I was off getting off (Did I say that? niiiiice!) and exploring parts unknown. Most of your parts are known, but mine are a totally different category! Which brings me to my point…what are . . . → Read More: Phone sex options

Pansexuality. What is Pansexuality?


Hello my pets. you know, I had never heard of this before until recently. I had to look it up and educate myself. After all, I am a sexpert! I need to stay on top of things. Sexual things, anyway. Here I go again, off on another sexual tangent. I think this . . . → Read More: Pansexuality. What is Pansexuality?

Hello Caitlyn Jenner, how’s it hangin’? D’oh!

um…That’s not Caitlyn!

Oh my pets, this is no laughing matter. Remember months ago when I told you he/she was starting the sexual transgender process? Oh the nay Sayers tried to tell me it wasn’t so. Apology accepted. Trust me now? I know of what I speak.

Louboutins forward, or combat boots backwards? . . . → Read More: Hello Caitlyn Jenner, how’s it hangin’? D’oh!

Would you buy a pair of my panties?

The sheer red ones?

Hello my pets! Just imagine for a moment that you have a pair of my favorite panties in your procession. How do they feel? Do you like touching them? Take them to your nose and inhale the sweet aroma. ~sigh~ Now tell me what would you want with a . . . → Read More: Would you buy a pair of my panties?

FREE PHONE SEX FOR YOU! When? 06-06-15 WooHoo!

Waiting for your call!

What, my pets? Free phone sex? Yes, you read that right! you may call me tomorrow, Saturday June 6th (in case you don’t have a calendar handy) for 10 minutes, on the house…FREE.


Yes, from 12 am eastern until 11:59 pm eastern Saturday (tomorrow) you . . . → Read More: FREE PHONE SEX FOR YOU! When? 06-06-15 WooHoo!

Queendom=A Dominating, strong Mistress!


Oh, its good to be Queen! Especially in this Queendom, NOT kingdom! This is where I reign as Queen and carry the crown of a dominating, strong woman. In other words: a phone sex¬†Dominatrix! My realm is the sexy truth and you are my loyal subjects. I have my nights around the . . . → Read More: Queendom=A Dominating, strong Mistress!