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Mistress Worship

Mistress worship

Hello, my pets. You know I love your desires, your devotion and loyalty. You take such good care of our sensual Ms/sub relationship and always maintain a sexy appetite for whatever I request. I look forward to our sessions and always enjoy them. Mistress worship is very sensual, and a seduction . . . → Read More: Mistress Worship

Spring Break 2016

spring break 2016

Hello, tiny ones! You all look so tan, all oiled, sea salty and appetizing. He he. It always seem to be that my eyes are drawn to the muscular men, the really meaty ones. Big surprise! Oh my…now their’s a sight… I am not trying to make waves, but dude, . . . → Read More: Spring Break 2016

Spring Phone Sex

spring phone sex 800-356-6169

Hello, my pets! As you know, I am NOT a fan of winter, and as much as I can appreciate fall, spring and summer are by far the best! Now that it is official, my Birthday? No, SPRING! We can really spring into action and start enjoying the weather, . . . → Read More: Spring Phone Sex

They say it’s My Birthday

and I’m gonna have a good time!

Getting in to my Birthday suit! 800-356-6169

Thank you, my pets for all the wishes, fishes and awesome gifts! I love them all! So good of you to be so good to me! Yay!

The Shadow Knows! 800-356-6169

I am out celebrating now, but wanted . . . → Read More: They say it’s My Birthday

Everything She Wants

Everything she wants 800-356-6169

Are you familiar with this concept? I think you are. I have to say, I am familiar, too. ┬áCan you imagine that? It’s funny, but I was driving the other day and the song came on and “Wham!” I got to thinking, this is such a true submissive song! . . . → Read More: Everything She Wants

Tips for Great Phone Sex

phone sex tips call 800-356-6169

Hello, my pets! I have been in such a giving mood lately that I decided now was a good time to share some secrets. Tips (not tits, you naughty one!) of the trade, so to speak. Or more directly, a “how to for phone sex dummies” kind of . . . → Read More: Tips for Great Phone Sex

Mistress Meredith’s Birthday Bash

Ms. Meredith’s Birthday Bash 800-356-6169

PARTAY!!! Yes, my pets, your Ms. Meredith is celebrating, and you are all invited! The party is going to be never-ending, as it stretches (like your ball sac) for the entire month of March! How cool is that? I thought you’d like that. Mistress Meredith’s Birthday Bash starts . . . → Read More: Mistress Meredith’s Birthday Bash