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Two Mistress Call

Hello,my pets! They say 2 heads are better are then one, and I welcum you to put that to the test! If you have ever wanted a sexy combo, now is the time to try! I have so many playmates here and love to add a voice to add another sexy perspective to our . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Call

Good Will and Sissy Assignments

Good will and sissy assignments

Hello, my pets! Your Mistress has been enjoying some good weather (finally!), great calls (always!), and good times. I like to think I can make the most out of any situation. I also am usually pretty observant of my surroundings, which makes for great blog material sometimes, like . . . → Read More: Good Will and Sissy Assignments

Bringing up the Rear

Bringing up the rear

Hello, my pets. You know as much as I am a fan of ass worship, this blog is a bit about that, but mainly about a few callers who deserve some blogging about. I have a couple who have really been some good ass sluts (you know who you . . . → Read More: Bringing up the Rear

She was a Fast Machine

she was a fast machine

I guess you can apply that to me. I could make a meal out of you and come back for more. I am not a machine as far as my response to you, or my sensual sessions. No, I am very real. I have heard it over and . . . → Read More: She was a Fast Machine