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Can you hear me now?

can you hear me



Hello, my pets! How are you? Have been enjoying your sexy selves? I know I have.

I have had some amazing, intense sessions, as always. Thank you for that. I know you can find satisfaction at many places, but you choose to come here. Sometimes you . . . → Read More: Can you hear me now?

Hot Sex Phone Sex

Hot sex phone sex!

Hello, my pets! We are having a heat wave, and I am telling you, I am loving it! It didn’t bother me a bit when I walked outside and at 9 ‘o’clock at night it was as if I had entered the tropics! I love it! And because I . . . → Read More: Hot Sex Phone Sex

Are you a lumbersexual?

Are you a lumber-sexual?

“A lumber-sexual, or urban lumberjack, is a physically fit man who has adopted style traits typical of a traditional lumberjack, namely a beard, plaid shirt, and scruffy hair, supplementing otherwise clean-cut and fashionable style choices. Denver Nicks described the trend as perhaps an attempt to “reclaim masculinity.” So are . . . → Read More: Are you a lumbersexual?

Who ya gonna call? BALLBUSTERS!

who ya gonna call? Ballbusters!

Yes, my pets, it’s one of THOSE kind of blog posts. But you know me, I am sensual even when I have your balls in my grasp. I was just tweeting the other day that I wanted to see “Ghostbusters” and not to judge me. Then I explained . . . → Read More: Who ya gonna call? BALLBUSTERS!

Cock Teasing

You know you love your Cock Teasing Mistress… and Ms Meredith is certainly a sexy tease! So this post can apply to her, or myself, or any Mistress for that matter.

Your Cock Teasing Mistress 

Cock teasing is my favorite game!

I really love cock teasing a cock controlled stroking . . . → Read More: Cock Teasing

Naughty Hottie Body

naughty hottie body

I was driving today, topless (my convertible, silly), when the song came on that just gets me every time. It goes so well with my last blog, I felt I had to drag it out just a little longer. I love making things longer. ¬†Yeah, not just a naughty hottie . . . → Read More: Naughty Hottie Body