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Qualities of a good phone sex Mistress

Good phone sex Mistress

Hello my pets. As the last dog days of summer dwindle down (wiping the tears from my eyes) I was feeling a little contemplative. you know how much I enjoy our conversations, and how much I love being your Mistress! So I came (several times) up with this guideline . . . → Read More: Qualities of a good phone sex Mistress

New sub TO DO list

New sub TO DO list

Hello my pets! One of my recently acquired pets wrote a blog for me. I believe this is what he wants, deep down, and he captured my voice (well, my Mistress-pet owner blog posting voice) very well! Read on and take notes about your new sub TO DO . . . → Read More: New sub TO DO list

Thunder down under

Thunder down under

Under where? or underwear. I never wear underwear, I swear. I know this is devastating news to all the sissies, but 99% of my other callers are pretty rock hard right about…now. Hello my pets! This title actually came to me a few nights ago as I was watching the . . . → Read More: Thunder down under

Three Cockteasing Tips

Three Cockteasing Tips

I simply love cockteasing, and am so happy to be guestposting on the sexy Ms. Meredith’s blog about my process!

Never Tell Them You’re Going To Tease Them

I never tell my submissive and slaves that I’m going to tease them…I just do it!  I start stroking their rock hard, leaking . . . → Read More: Three Cockteasing Tips

Boot Worship: Lay Offa My Blue Suede Boots!

Greetings to all Miss Meredith fans!  My name is Miss Rachel, and Miss Meredith invited Me to post about a funny little slice of My Femdom life, in which I learned that not all boots are made for boot worship!

Two things Miss Meredith and I have in common are 1.)  a love of . . . → Read More: Boot Worship: Lay Offa My Blue Suede Boots!

Ms. Melanie Dominates You

Ms. Melanie dominates you

Hello, naughties! I’m so happy Miss Meredith has offered me the opportunity to post to you on her beautiful blog. Thank you, Miss Meredith!

If we have already spoken, you know what I’m about. You’ve heard my audios and read my blog posts over at my own blog, and . . . → Read More: Ms. Melanie Dominates You

Stroke for Me, My Pet

I thought it might be fun to offer you a little stroking assignment today. You can give it a try and then share the results with Ms. Meredith or myself, or you can even call one or both of us, and we can guide you through this stroking fun.

Stroke for Me Without . . . → Read More: Stroke for Me, My Pet