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Submissive Contract

submissive contract


Hello my pets! I have some rules as far as taking you on as a sub, and then, once you are accepted as my pet. Recently a pet full filled a very important assignment: the D/s Contract. This is something in your own words about the bond and binds between . . . → Read More: Submissive Contract

Mistress knows best

Mistress knows best

Yes, I do. As you know I was on vacation, but I’m baaaack now! you can leave a comment telling me just how much you missed me! I missed you, my pets! Butt it was a much needed getaway and now I am revived and ready to play and . . . → Read More: Mistress knows best

Penis Flytrap

How is your penis flytrap?

Anything to do with the penis is a trap, right pets? Especially around here!I mean, that thing between your legs gets you in to more trouble then a blank check. And how often do you check yourself? Not enough, I am sure. I remember days at the beach . . . → Read More: Penis Flytrap

Anal Cockteasing

The Dildo Chair Is For Your Anal Pleasure

I have so many ways of teasing you…

It’s actually a special anal cockteasing chair.  I bet you though when I said we were going to do some anal cockteasing, you thought I’d have you fingering your hot little hole, or putting a . . . → Read More: Anal Cockteasing

Erector set

erector set

I think I have a set of those…an erector set. Remember that? I never had them, but it looked like fun to play with. I think I have a modern day version of one. Or two. he he.

Tiddly winks?

Now I don’t remember those, but I think your adult toys . . . → Read More: Erector set

Properly Worship Mistress’ Body

Do you think you know how to properly worship mistress’ body? You may think so, but I am going to give you some pointers. Men seem to need a woman’s direction in every area of life. The number of calls I get requesting guidance for masturbation is astounding! SEE!!! You need to be told . . . → Read More: Properly Worship Mistress’ Body

I love you have a Viagra

I love you have a Viagra

Viagra Falls! Hello my pets! I recently had a very intense session w my caller who has been a locked cock chastity pet for a long long time. A new twist? Well, I let him out of his cage to stroke, put him back without an orgasm. . . . → Read More: I love you have a Viagra

Sissy for all seasons

Sissy for all seasons

Hello my pets. Yes, this post is dedicated to the sissies and their sissy ways! Since summer is cuming (Damn it!) to an end, and you like it in the end, it’s time we talk about your sissy wardrobe. you need to start pulling out your fall clothes. Not . . . → Read More: Sissy for all seasons

No YA in Yahoo Messenger! Blek!

yahoo sucks

So, yeah, my pets. Since yahoo messenger changed, I am doing the same. I am changing platforms from which to contact me! Sometimes change is not for the better and you know I am all about helping you and the betterment of that cause. But this is a no win situation.

. . . → Read More: No YA in Yahoo Messenger! Blek!