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Phone sex therapy

Ms. Olivia┬áhas a great blog post right now that I wanted to share and also build on. She makes several good points about confiding, sharing and how the Mistresses here can almost be termed as a therapists. ALMOST. We are not licensed, but we do know a thing or two about your kinky . . . → Read More: Phone sex therapy

Good things

They say all good things must end, butt what about all bad things? As in naughty, very bad, bad things? That is what I am talking about! Sadly, the sexy Mistress cruise came to an end. It came hard, too. As you can imagine, right? Did you feel it? I did, every night! . . . → Read More: Good things

Wander lust

Wander Lust

Hello my pets! I know we are all familiar with my friend, LUST. Butt what is wander lust? It is a strong desire to travel. I have that lustful feeling deep down in my soul. So I must obey my hedonistic tendencies and follow the voice that leads me to unexpected . . . → Read More: Wander lust

erection election

erection election

I don’t know about you, but this election has been dragging on for waaaay too long now! I am not going to get political on you, but I felt in honor of this historic event, we should have our own kind of election. How about Mistress Meredith for President? I would . . . → Read More: erection election

Bed Head

My bed head

Hello my pets! As most of you know, I got a luxurious Marriott bed a couple years ago because I broke my bed. Um. Yeah…anywho… many of you contributed to the cause. (Thank-you! wet kisses, licks and erection detection hugs! xxoo) Now it’s 2 years later and low and behold . . . → Read More: Bed Head