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anal retentive

anal retentive rogue

Recently my pet submitted (as always) a blog he wanted to share that he wrote for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. My rogue, ass slut, pain slut and anal retentive in more ways then you can imagine. hehe A Day in the Life . . . → Read More: anal retentive

What does a Mistress do?

what does a Mistress do?

Hello my pets. I have been Mistressing for a long time now. I know many of you intimately, and many of you know me by heart. Those in the inner sanctum know that even though I am sensually strong, sometimes I have my moments. Recently I lost my . . . → Read More: What does a Mistress do?



you know, that word has an ugly sound to it and it is such a beautiful thing! Hello my pets! Have you masturbated today? I know the answer to that, but see what I mean? Now, the question: Did you self pleasure yourself? That sounds so much sexier. Masturbation…

What do you . . . → Read More: Masturbation