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About Meredith

Hello and Welcome!

Welcum to MY world!

Welcum to MY world!

How are you, my pet? I am happy you are here. I always like to welcome new playmates to my den. Now, before we get too comfortable, I am a sensual Mistress, but I am NOT a bottom. ~ Not submissive ~. So if you were looking for that, you should try our live help desk to find a Mistress fit for you.

If you have found what you need, then by all means stay! Just sit back and relax, make yourself at home. Let’s get to know each other, shall we?

My name Meredith. You may address me as Mistress, or Goddess. I am a sensual Dominatrix, which means I am firm but not forceful, and strict in a soft sensual way.  What I am is a very sensual Mistress.

Let's explore your sensuality

Let’s explore your sensuality


I especially enjoy the cerebral side of phone sex. What does that mean? It means I will make myself at home in your deepest recess of your brain and start the long and exciting mind fuck of your life. That is really my forte.

I am a Mistress of “NO” in regards to your orgasms…or lack thereof. Butt don’t lose hope. I enjoy happy endings but I am equally happy saying “NO.”

As far as my specialties go, I have so many it’s hard to choose! Lets just say if you are in need of a virtual girlfriend experience, you would be lucky to have me, as long as you are good bf material. I love my sissies  and cross dresser’s!

In case you were curious and very bi curious, I have a very nice (he he) strap-on.  I can train you to be a great cock sucker. I can also train you to eat your cum when all others have failed.

To learn more about me, you should  visit my blogs… I believe you will be enlightened at that blog.

thecuckoldshow. THAT is another very fun and exciting fetish of mine for you.  Where we can explore your sensual side!

uniquephonesex. For something… well unique!

Just click on the links. I invite you to explore all my blogs and read all about it.

Body worship is another favorite, just make sure you are on your knees and ready to serve when you call me.

If you want a switch, or strong arm me, you have the wrong Mistress. This is cock control. Not pussy…pussy!

I love Vanilla and I am open to all flavors! I want both of us to enjoy our erotic journey. I am open to roleplays. Just send me an email prior to our call. I also take appointments. If you would like a custom audio, send me a script and I will use my vox erotic specifically for you! I am looking forward to our D/s journey and getting to know you!

SKYPE = enchantrix.meredith    

Email =

Tumblr =


 Have an orgasmic day!