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Absence makes the heart grow…

but what does absinthe┬ádo for you? Some of you may know what I am talking about. If you don’t, it may be time to find the green fairy. No telling what it will make grow. Perhaps you could pull a rabbit out of your hat? So, my pets, how are you? Did my absence make the heart grow fonder?

growing fonder

growing fonder

Or are you a little sad? I know. I have been away quite a while. I totally enjoyed myself this summer. Ever since I moved to Florida I have been like a kid on my own playground. Beaches, sunshine, amusements parks, concerts and all around good times. I haven’t forgotten about you. No! How could I? I have just been a little distracted.

How the hell are you?

What naughtiness have you been involved with? I am anxious to hear all about it! I think a long, hard session of confession is much needed right about now. Nothing better then confession therapy, right?


That really wasn’t a question. I know we have so much to talk about and no doubt confess. I cannot wait to hear about all your sexcapdes! We can also go over the many reason why men are the weaker sex. That is always a sexy conversation for my subs and I! Be prepared to tell me how weak you are, and how weak you have been without me.

Until then just know that Mistress knows best. Soon you will see just what this Mistress knows and designates as best for you. hehe.

Can’t wait to talk to you all again!!!! xxoo


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