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Sensual Mistress Experience

You Deserve Some Softness

If you have been in the lifestyle for a while, chances are you have experienced a few different styles of domination. Every Mistress dominates based on a blend of her personality, her preference, and your needs. I have been dominating long enough to know that I am a sensual Mistress.

. . . → Read More: Sensual Mistress Experience

Mistress Meredith Loves a Sexy Accent

I love sexy accents

Hello, my pets! Or should I say “Hi, y’all?” Or maybe “Top of the morning!” A bit of southern comfort and English dandy. Think Hugh Grant, Crocodile Dundee and Gerard Butler. On top of that, sprinkle some Bill Compton from True Blood (Stephen Moyer). Just an English actor talking . . . → Read More: Mistress Meredith Loves a Sexy Accent

The sexy Ms. Piper

Double your pleasure

Last night a very smart caller requested a 2 girl call, and he wanted yours truly and the sexy Ms. Piper! Would you believe we have never have the chance to play together before? I know!

I believe this pairing was pure genius! Like chocolate and peanut butter! Hot chocolate . . . → Read More: The sexy Ms. Piper