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Anal Cockteasing

The Dildo Chair Is For Your Anal Pleasure

I have so many ways of teasing you…

It’s actually a special anal cockteasing chair.  I bet you though when I said we were going to do some anal cockteasing, you thought I’d have you fingering your hot little hole, or putting a . . . → Read More: Anal Cockteasing

Bringing up the Rear

Bringing up the rear

Hello, my pets. You know as much as I am a fan of ass worship, this blog is a bit about that, but mainly about a few callers who deserve some blogging about. I have a couple who have really been some good ass sluts (you know who you . . . → Read More: Bringing up the Rear


water play


Hello my pets! Oh, yes, I do love my callers! As much as I love new creative and challenging things to play with! Many of you know how much I love to play with ice, water and ice water. lol Well, recently I impressed even myself with a new addition . . . → Read More: Cock-sicle!