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Mistress ASSignments

Mistress ASSignments

Hello my pets! Did you miss me? I missed you…each and every one of you! As you know, I was making my trek in my big rig truck across country. Man alive! It was brutal. Sleeping in the truck at a rest area, waking up a few hours later because I . . . → Read More: Mistress ASSignments

Good Will and Sissy Assignments

Good will and sissy assignments

Hello, my pets! Your Mistress has been enjoying some good weather (finally!), great calls (always!), and good times. I like to think I can make the most out of any situation. I also am usually pretty observant of my surroundings, which makes for great blog material sometimes, like . . . → Read More: Good Will and Sissy Assignments

Sexy Bucket Fuck-it List

The Fuckit list

I know you have one, my pets! If you don’t, you are in luck. I have it right here for you and you can cross off as you go. Oh, but first go through and cross off what you have already accomplished. you naughty slut, I bet you will x . . . → Read More: Sexy Bucket Fuck-it List

What to do?

While I am away? Sorry my pets, but I have been under weather and it was not pretty. Well, maybe a little pretty… Anyway, Hemingway… you know how much I hate January. It’s just not a good month for me to be hanging out in dreary grey skies and cold. So off I go . . . → Read More: What to do?