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CBT-Do you like it?


Hello my pets. Are you familiar with CBT? Do you know what it means? It means cock and ball torture and I am here to tell you…I love it. Before you start bolting to the door, hear me out. It is a fine line between pleasure and pain and the combination . . . → Read More: CBT-Do you like it?

Who ya gonna call? BALLBUSTERS!

who ya gonna call? Ballbusters!

Yes, my pets, it’s one of THOSE kind of blog posts. But you know me, I am sensual even when I have your balls in my grasp. I was just tweeting the other day that I wanted to see “Ghostbusters” and not to judge me. Then I explained . . . → Read More: Who ya gonna call? BALLBUSTERS!


Oh the Naughtiness of Xmas continues… this could be a scary one so you might want to take cover. Lately I have had many sessions involving ball crushers, ball separators and good old fashioned cbt. So naturally I would think of the Nutcracker now. All we need are some pink tights and feathers . . . → Read More: NUTCRACKER


Yah, dat ez goot! Ben and Jerry are cumming out with a ice cream called Schweddy Balls! I am not kidding! MMmmmm, yummy! So creamy and sweet tasting! Your phone sex Goddess thinks you should all go out and get you some! lol

Oh, you already got you some? Good for you! lol

Seriously, . . . → Read More: SCHWEDDY BALLS