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Hot Sex Phone Sex

Hot sex phone sex!

Hello, my pets! We are having a heat wave, and I am telling you, I am loving it! It didn’t bother me a bit when I walked outside and at 9 ‘o’clock at night it was as if I had entered the tropics! I love it! And because I . . . → Read More: Hot Sex Phone Sex

Bringing up the Rear

Bringing up the rear

Hello, my pets. You know as much as I am a fan of ass worship, this blog is a bit about that, but mainly about a few callers who deserve some blogging about. I have a couple who have really been some good ass sluts (you know who you . . . → Read More: Bringing up the Rear

I read about it

Read all about me

in a mag ga gaza ine…lol. How are you, my pets? I thought I would catch up on my reading. you know, all the classics… “Outdoor Body Worship” and “Why Chastity Excites Me” just to name a few!

What have you been doing in your spare time?

Let me . . . → Read More: I read about it

Body worship

So my pets, so many times I am asked “what will please you Mistress?” and my answer always is: worship my body. If you are truly submissive, and want to please me, you will do exactly that.

worship me

If you do this properly, it will take some quality time. No rushing when . . . → Read More: Body worship

Missing Mistress Meredith

Did you? Did you miss me? Did you miss your phone sex Mistress? As much as I love you all, I have to say I had a much needed vacation. I am re-juiced, re-vibed and ready to go. I enjoyed a lovely time that included decompressing and pampering. Some massage action, some meditative . . . → Read More: Missing Mistress Meredith


Happy VD, my pets! I have such a twisted sense, don’t I? I meant Happy Valentines Day! As always, this day has been so sexy, thanks to my naughty ones! Thank-you for your hot rockin’ calls tonight! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than like this. My red panties are . . . → Read More: VALENTINES



First off, just accept the fact that you are going to yield to temptation and leave your strong will behind. Yes, this is going to be one of those blogs, my pets. Wait, change that to slave. Your phone sex Goddess is feeling very frisky, so be prepared. I have added so . . . → Read More: SLAVE QUARTERS

P.S. High Heel Fetish

Just had to add this post script:

A fetish for high heels.


(1) Actress Karen Flores (Rene Russo) and Chili Palmer (John Travolta) in Get Shorty (1997): — Karen: ‘I know I’m better than what I’ve been doing all these years, walking around in fuck me pumps and a tank-top waiting until it’s . . . → Read More: P.S. High Heel Fetish


FREE! That’s right!

Its winding down now, but if you have called us before and your last name begins with the letter of the day, you get 10 free minutes.

How cool is that? Your phone sex Goddess hopes you take, or have taken advantage of this alphabet game. It’s a great opportunity to . . . → Read More: FREE PHONE SEX


Yeah, you know the feeling. Your entire body lusts after anything that moves. It’s been too long since you had any strange, any kink, any fun! Now that warmer weather has come, short skirts, sandals displaying pretty sexy toes and tops with barely strings holding together those amazing breasts and all you can do . . . → Read More: CLIMBING THE WALLS