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Hello my pets, as you know your phone sex Goddess is a huge fan of chastity. It is one of my favorite kinks! I believe it is one of the ultimate acts of submission. I love owning your orgasms!

Decisions, Decisions

Now with some of my caged pets, I allow them to cum . . . → Read More: ITS UP TO YOU

Mistress Meredith’s Wishlist

OK…before you go any further, go here…

I mean it! Don’t cum back until you have clicked the link.

Now, tell me. What’s the first thing on my list? Something for you??? YES!!!

You know how much of a chastity fan I am, right? So, right there, right at the number one . . . → Read More: Mistress Meredith’s Wishlist



First off, just accept the fact that you are going to yield to temptation and leave your strong will behind. Yes, this is going to be one of those blogs, my pets. Wait, change that to slave. Your phone sex Goddess is feeling very frisky, so be prepared. I have added so . . . → Read More: SLAVE QUARTERS


Hello my pets

Now that the holidays are behind us we can look forward to what’s ahead of us. Hopefully you got all that you wanted for xmas.

I need to thank my generous callers who continue to amaze me with their generosity. You def got off on the naughty list, so spank you very much! I appreciate it! . . . → Read More: BLUE BLEW CHRISTMAS


I was just curious because it seems like your phone sex Goddess has had so many calls lately about being hard. You know I am a chastity lover and so my caged ones have had a harder then usual time of it lately.

I know it’s hard to be hard. What’s a chastity . . . → Read More: HARD TO BE HARD


I love my talk time with you and sometimes there is a special boner or bonus to the call. I was lucky this caller had the good sense to include both his favorite cock tease specialists in his tease and denial session. This was more about denial, in the very capable hands of Mistress . . . → Read More: CHASTITY HEAVEN