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March Madness

My game face


Yes, it is upon us, kind of like me on you for…well, just about anything! You know I love sports, and bouncy balls, so I have 2 favs to play with, next to you! Now, feel free to add your own kinky twist to this proposition. Imagine, a caller . . . → Read More: March Madness

Breaking Chastity Chains

chastity Mistress

Oh the chains that bind, right? Well my pets, I am afraid that this chastity Mistress has gone a bit rogue or maverick. Twice in one week, even! I absolutely love chastity and all that it entails. I am a firm Mistress with that particular fetish, and pride myself on developing . . . → Read More: Breaking Chastity Chains

Chastity Milestone!

words of wisdom



Now my pets, you know we all have our kinks, our role plays and fetish fun. Sometimes real life spills over into the delicious world of our fantasy life. This is the case when you choose the chastity lifestyle. ┬áThis kink is not an easy one, and it . . . → Read More: Chastity Milestone!