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Dear Santa Baby

Santa Baby

Hello my holiday pets! How are you with Xmas creeping up on you like a tight pair of panties? Do you have your shopping done? Cookies made and decorated with special sprinkles? Did you give Santa a nice lap dance, I mean sit pretty on his face, I mean lap! That . . . → Read More: Dear Santa Baby

Daily Orgasms

Right there

Well my pets… I wanna know. How many times a day (week? month? year?) do you enjoy yourself, or in the company of others? Yes, I will include partners, toys and self service. Me? Have I mentioned my shower massager? My daily ritual in the shower includes a little “me” time . . . → Read More: Daily Orgasms

Owning your cock

Cock controller Mistress M

No need to resist, no need to try to fight it. you know you want it, so just hand it over. Go on, do it! There! Now, don’t you feel better? Just knowing your cock is now in the capable hands of an expert, or I should say sexpert . . . → Read More: Owning your cock

A nice ruined orgasm

Let me ruin it for you

Hello my pets. I wanted to share my story of last nights stroker boy. It was intense and this stroker boy had an abundance of endurance! After over an hour of “Oh, that’s it, right there, keep stroking, stroke for me, stroker boy”. I knew I had . . . → Read More: A nice ruined orgasm