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She was a Fast Machine

she was a fast machine

I guess you can apply that to me. I could make a meal out of you and come back for more. I am not a machine as far as my response to you, or my sensual sessions. No, I am very real. I have heard it over and . . . → Read More: She was a Fast Machine

Favorite Fetish

Oh, my pets. We have all kinds of delights here, a smorgasbord of tantalizing treats to fill your cum eating plate and then some! With so much to choose from , it’s hard (I hope) to narrow it down to just one. ┬áThis is how I feel when a caller ask me what I . . . → Read More: Favorite Fetish

Get Bent for Me

Boudoir Headboard

I mean this is the very best way, my pets. This one is all about positioning and body contortions. That, and cum eating, so my kinky callers who are curious or connoisseurs alike, it doesn’t matter. This blogs for you!

Now, this only really works if you are well hung. No . . . → Read More: Get Bent for Me


Hello my pets. It seems like lately I have had some callers with

some well developed sensory receptors. They are infatuated with

of all things, MY PANTIES! Yes, your phone sex Goddess has been

fielding questions left and right about them. Such a conundrum! I

have quite a few hamper skunks now. Naughty ones! Especially . . . → Read More: PANTIE SNIFFER