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Ten Gay Lords a Leaping for joy for my strapon!

Strap on Mistress!

C’mon, what did you expect? It’s xmas, my xmas blog, and since I am the dominate one here, I could not have just any Lords a leaping. Nope. And as a added bonus, I felt Lords would be worthy of my strapon, so I was happy to put it to . . . → Read More: Ten Gay Lords a Leaping for joy for my strapon!

Submissive man

Show me how submissive you are

Is that you? Or do you feel like you would LIKE to be that way, but society (or wife/girlfriend/partner) has other plans for you? I know it can be difficult maneuvering in this day and age.


or should I say….back in the day, the man wore . . . → Read More: Submissive man

Naughty subbie

Hello my pets. I know I have talked about communication etiquette, and singled out naughty sissies and such. But this is about naughty subbies. Imagine that: Me, having a naughty one? One who deliberately defies me? Hard to believe, I know.

I am the Mistress


Rules are in place for a reason. . . . → Read More: Naughty subbie