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Dear Santa Baby

Santa Baby

Hello my holiday pets! How are you with Xmas creeping up on you like a tight pair of panties? Do you have your shopping done? Cookies made and decorated with special sprinkles? Did you give Santa a nice lap dance, I mean sit pretty on his face, I mean lap! That . . . → Read More: Dear Santa Baby

Let’s make some sexy fireworks!

Let’s make fireworks!

Oh, my pets, I LOVE fireworks! I never get tired of watching. Sounds like I am a bit of a voyeur, doesn’t it? If you have gone on cam for me, then you know for certain I am. I love to watch you stroke, prance and perform your own special . . . → Read More: Let’s make some sexy fireworks!

Spring has sprung

and so has your cock, right?! It’s the time of year when you just can’t help but feel frisky. For those of you who live in colder parts, this is a welcome time, like a breath of fresh air and much anticipated. It’s been a hell of a long frikin’ winter and spring makes . . . → Read More: Spring has sprung

Quick cummings

Oh my pets! This is a subject no one really likes to admit openly…except for here, with your Mistress! Let’s face it, between my voice, your stroking and the visual stimulation from my pics, well…sometimes you just cum waaaay too soon!

well that was fast

 That was fast!

Never a good sentence uttered . . . → Read More: Quick cummings

Daily Orgasms

Right there

Well my pets… I wanna know. How many times a day (week? month? year?) do you enjoy yourself, or in the company of others? Yes, I will include partners, toys and self service. Me? Have I mentioned my shower massager? My daily ritual in the shower includes a little “me” time . . . → Read More: Daily Orgasms

on Demand

on demand!

Hello my pets.  One of my guilty pleasures, next to you, is watching television. Now, I also like to watch you on cam for me, and I enjoy our sensual, erotic time together.

But I have to admit I have my shows that I take a time out of my schedule . . . → Read More: on Demand

Dream a little Dream of Me

Hello, my pets. How are you today? Have you been thinking about ways to earn your orgasms? Let me help you with that!

In your dreams

Wouldn’t it be great to think about me every night while you are sleeping?  As part of the earning it process I think we . . . → Read More: Dream a little Dream of Me

One, Two, Three Strokes


Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and last but not least: Masturbation! Now THAT is all the ingredients for the American dream. Oh hell, lets go global and say pretty much worldwide, and not just a wet dream. I love baseball analogies with sexual overtones. It’s that time of year, so batter . . . → Read More: One, Two, Three Strokes