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Fantasy VS reality

Fantasy VS reality

Hello my pets! How are you? Did you have a wee bit of the luck of the Irish, or were you just a wee bit? I had my green on and enjoyed handing out pinches. Oh behave! Speaking of naughtiness, I had a session the other night that was amazing. . . . → Read More: Fantasy VS reality

Celebrity Sex

Night time Fantasies

Oh my pets, I know you have thought about what it would be like to be with a famous sexy celebrity…or two, or three! This is one of my favorite fantasies. We love movies, and part of that is getting lost in it. Kind of like you do in our . . . → Read More: Celebrity Sex


Yes, my pets, it’s almost upon us. Looming, just ready to break free and explode. Sounds like you in a way, doesn’t it? So what do you have planned for this new year? As I look back on this year, I have to say to myself…so many kinks, so little time! But whatever . . . → Read More: 2015

Three’s STILL Company

So my pets, to continue where I left off, I was in the car, on my knees, with a face full of pussy! Now, I have never been with another woman but this certainly got my motor running. I have had like a gazillion orgasms re-enacting this scenario so a huge Thank you . . . → Read More: Three’s STILL Company

Balls to Call

tell me all about it

Do you have them? Prove it! I keep hearing about how “you want to call, but are afraid to”. REALLY? What’s up with that? Am I so scary? You IM me and can barely say “Hello” and that’s it. Now c’mon… it’s an IM! A perfect opportunity to . . . → Read More: Balls to Call


Hello my pets! Your phone sex Goddess wanted to take a moment to talk about timing. This blog title almost sounds like you schedule your stroke time, doesn’t it? Talk about extreme cock control!It reminds me of the power couple who ┬áhave to pencil in a few minutes for a good love making . . . → Read More: PHONE SEX SCHEDULE

In a Barbie World

Hello my pets! Your phone sex Goddess is changing it up a bit.I am not including a pic of myself. Does this scene look familiar? Or maybe in your dreams?

It reminds me of that song “I’m a Barbie girl, In a barbie world” but I don’t think this is what they were . . . → Read More: In a Barbie World

Missing Mistress Meredith

Did you? Did you miss me? Did you miss your phone sex Mistress? As much as I love you all, I have to say I had a much needed vacation. I am re-juiced, re-vibed and ready to go. I enjoyed a lovely time that included decompressing and pampering. Some massage action, some meditative . . . → Read More: Missing Mistress Meredith



“Thank you Goddess Meredith for permission to submit this writing to your blog. I have read Your writings and long admired Your beauty, seductiveness and erotic nature. After experiencing a phone session with You finally the other day, I now know the feeling of total submission to You that many of your readers . . . → Read More: BOTTOMS UP


FREE! That’s right!

Its winding down now, but if you have called us before and your last name begins with the letter of the day, you get 10 free minutes.

How cool is that? Your phone sex Goddess hopes you take, or have taken advantage of this alphabet game. It’s a great opportunity to . . . → Read More: FREE PHONE SEX