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Wander lust

Wander Lust

Hello my pets! I know we are all familiar with my friend, LUST. Butt what is wander lust? It is a strong desire to travel. I have that lustful feeling deep down in my soul. So I must obey my hedonistic tendencies and follow the voice that leads me to unexpected . . . → Read More: Wander lust

Boot Worship: Lay Offa My Blue Suede Boots!

Greetings to all Miss Meredith fans!  My name is Miss Rachel, and Miss Meredith invited Me to post about a funny little slice of My Femdom life, in which I learned that not all boots are made for boot worship!

Two things Miss Meredith and I have in common are 1.)  a love of . . . → Read More: Boot Worship: Lay Offa My Blue Suede Boots!

Hello Caitlyn Jenner, how’s it hangin’? D’oh!

um…That’s not Caitlyn!

Oh my pets, this is no laughing matter. Remember months ago when I told you he/she was starting the sexual transgender process? Oh the nay Sayers tried to tell me it wasn’t so. Apology accepted. Trust me now? I know of what I speak.

Louboutins forward, or combat boots backwards? . . . → Read More: Hello Caitlyn Jenner, how’s it hangin’? D’oh!

Submissive Assistant

Apply within

That’s what I need. Would you like to apply? Now before you get all hot and bothered, you should review the job requirements. It would require long, hard hours. It would demand your undivided attention. Meticulous attention to detail and a willingness to complete each task to satisfaction. That would be . . . → Read More: Submissive Assistant